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3 years clear!

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I have been cancer free for 3 years this month!!! That is one of the reasons I started my fitness and health journey, I never want to go through it again, I hope no one ever has to. If you want to get fit and healthy I would love to help. Exercising, eating right and taking care of yourself is important to prevent cancer as well as other diseases.

You can follow my health journey at http://www.facebook.com/abathrickfitness

Also, my last follow up scan will be in November and then no more!!!

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How do I eat right ....

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So encouraging that there is hope, I wish you many more. I have been cancer free for a little over a year now and I still having trouble shedding the 60 lbs I gained with chemo :( Would love to hear any tips and recommendations you can share.


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Hi Gaby,
Really nice to hear from you, and really glad to also hear that you have been in remission for over a year! You look great, keep the spirits high and don't worry so much about the weight you will get rid of it with time. Take care


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But its nice to see you are all still here :)
Life has just been so busy and crazy lately but I still keep you all in my prayers and will try my best to check in more often.


miss maggie
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What great news to read about your 3 year remission. I am sure your health fitness and eating right contributed to your success.. Keep up the good work.

I am in remission for 2 years, I think. I will get a pet ct scan july 30. I will then see
the oncologist on August 6. I try and not worry, but I do anyway. I don't think my life will ever be the same. Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying everyday, and trying to stay
positive. But, it is what it is.


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