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We lost a beloved pink sister today...

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With a heavy heart I am passing along a message posted on my Facebook wall. Our beloved sister Jennifer (grams2jc) passed away earlier today. Her daughter posted yesterday that her brain tumors spread to the brain lining. They thought they had a few weeks and were just trying to keep her comfortable. God took her today... Please keep her family in your prayers...

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Thanks for letting us know. We have lost so many sisters on this board. My heart is broken. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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I hate this! I want us all to be free of this disease! I cry and I hurt for Jenn's family. THis is not right.

The only light, if you will, is that our sweet sister is now our Pink Angel. She will guide us through our grieving like she would help us with our journey in real life.

Dear Jennifer... may you rest now sister. May God wrap His loving arms around you and keep you in His light forever and ever.


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Many prayers to her family. How very sad...

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Thank you all so much. I appreciate all the kind words and prayers. My moms visitation will be from 6-7:30 with a rosary to follow on Tuesday and the funeral Wednesday at 10:30 with a lunch to follow. It will all be at St Joseph's Catholic Church.

(Sorry I deleted the city because this is a public forum, I do have the funeral home that has a guest book registry if you want to private message me I will be happy to pass it along)

Hugs, Lorrie

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I am not on much but remember her talking about grandkids.....Its so sad and yet another angel watching us from above...Rest in peace


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Thank you Lorrie for updating us on Jennifer's arrangements and on the note from her daughter. It means a lot, I know, to all of us.

If you hear anymore, please let us know, which I know you will.

Thanks again,


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Thank you for this latest post from Jana. If you hear anything else, please post it for us Lorrie. I know you will!

Praying her family is healing..

Hugs, Leeza

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I can't thank you enough for all of the updates. Tell Jana that she has a group here that love her and hopefully she can post again sometime.

Hugs, Angie

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Megan M
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Thank you Lorrie. My prayers and heartfelt sympathy to her family..

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I just wish I could get here more often to read posts so I could be more up on the prayer agenda.

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I remember: she loved her grandbabies. She loved life and was so looking forward to watching her grandkids grow up. Darn cancer ggrrr!!! I will miss you Jennifer.

Love Jennifer

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Lynne Logan
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With so much to live for this saddens me terribly to learn Jennifer has lost her battle. My prayers are with the family and may they find peace knowing she's still with all of you in spirit. Watching those grand babies grow.

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The loss of Jennifer still hurts so much. I wanted to thank you too Lorrie for sharing with us what Jana wrote and for all of the post updating us.

Thanks, Kylez

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Kristin N
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Thank you for the updates. I just wish there was something I could do to help Jennifer's poor family besides praying for them.

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I can't even begin to say how sad this makes me. Jennifer was such an angel and went out of her way to be kind to me. She was my ornament exchange buddy and she continued to send me sweet things in the mail. She made me a blanket and sent me many cards throughout my journey to keep my spirits up. She was an incredible lady. Does anyone have an address that they could private message to me so I can send flowers to the family? Continuing to pray so hard for her family and I know that Jennifer will continue to watch over all of us.


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Check your inbox Kat <3

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Thank you for sharing this. I will keep the family in prayer.


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Really appreciate all that you've done Lorrie, so, a big thank you to you! Praying so very hard for her family.

Hugs, Debby

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Megan M
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It is still so hard to believe that Jennifer is gone. I appreciate all of the updates from you Lorrie and continue to pray for her family.

Frankie Shannon
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With a heavy heart my prayers go out to her family,will this cancer ever be cured.
Hugs Frankie

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I am sorry to hear of the transition of our pink sister Jennifer becoming God's Pink Angel while resting in the arms of Jesus. My condolescences go to her daughter Jana & her entire family & friends. May God continually richly bless the family and grant peace and comfort to them through Jesus. I will keep the family, friends, and all my pink sisters in prayer that God my strengthen them day by day.

Peace,Love,Blessings, & Hugs to Jana & family, friends, especially Lori & all my pink sisters,

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Lorrie, any more news from Jana? How is she and her family doing?

Hugs, Debby

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My deepest sympathies. We have another angel looking over us.


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Christmas Girl
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Heartbroken. I haven't logged on here in quite a while. So very, very sorry to learn of Jennifer's passing. Will always remember her... She was of great spirit, with a sense of humor.

Kind regards, Susan

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Is a very strong woman and I am amazed by her strength, I guess it runs in the family. She is continuing on with her life, last I heard she was preparing for a rummage sale. She did make the following comment on July 21st ~ Really missing my mama. Some days are really tough to stay strong.

She is surrounded by a great support network of family and friends. I've only known Jana since her mothers passing, as she saw some messages being exchanged between her mother and me. From the short month I've known her (she's the mom to those beautiful grandbabies, Jen always bragged about)I can tell she is going to be alright. We became facebook friends so I can check up on her from time to time.

Jana is the only biological daughter of Jennifer's but she does have two step sisters. So please keep them in your prayers as they navigate through this very tough first year.

I hope you all are doing well,

P.S. I passed along a link to this page so when Jana is up to it, she can come and read all your comments personally.

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Kristin N
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I feel so sorry for Jana. I know she must miss her Mom so badly. Jennifer was so young and taken away from her too quickly. Thank you Lorrie for this update. Jennifer's family remain in my prayers.

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Thank you for updating us from Jana. I know she must be having a lot of rough days. I am glad she can come here and read our posts. I hope that shows her how loved her Mom was.

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We are all affected by her loss....

love Marla (breast cancer survivor)

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I haven't been here in awhile and to log on and read this about Jennifer just rips my ♥ out. I can't believe this happened. I feel so sorry for her daughter and her entire family. My prayers and thoughts are with them.

I am so sorry to read this...

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Alexis F
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Has anyone heard from Jana again as to how she and Jennifer's family are doing now? Still hard to believe she is gone.

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I am so sorry to hear this. I am new here, but I can only imagine what the daughter must be going through. I don't know if the family are believers and of course I would never want to push my beliefs onto another person. I am a Christian, so I choose to believe that the mom is now at peace in heaven where there is only joy and no illness. I will keep the family in my prayers over their loss as I am sure the many wonderful other ladies on this website will as well.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

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My heart goes out to all of Jennifer's loved ones, may she rest in peace and as stated we know she will watch over us all. Prayers for my Kindred Spirits and Jennifers loved ones:(
Miles of Love,

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How very sad, sending lost of prayers to her lovely family.

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Still cannot believe Jennifer's passing. She was an amazing sister!

Please let us know how Jana is doing when you know anything.

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So shocked and saddened to hear about Jennifer. My prayers go out for her family, especially Jana. Too many good people have lost their lives to this terrible disease. Praying for the time when no one dies from cancer.

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Megan M
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Has Jana contacted anyone lately about how she is doing? I pray for her and the rest of Jennifer's family every day.


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