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I'm so HOT!!!!

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I'm being treated with 5FU & sandostatin and I am hot all the time. At work, if I control the thermostat, people around me are putting on sweatshirts and at night my husband throws on extra blankets while I barely have a sheet. Does anyone else get like this? I'm only 36 but people say it sounds like I am having hot flashes sometimes other times there is no flash I'm just hot. I wear as light of clothing as I can and still 80degs might as well be 100! Also I've never been much of a sweater but now it will just run down my face. Anyone have any advice? Over the winter it wasn't so bad but now it's interfearing with everyday life. Help!

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I am hot all the time.  It comes on quickly sometimes, hence the term hot flashes.  My Oncologist advised that Chemotherapy will put you into full menopause, no matter your age.  it can also cause Osteoperosis, so there's that to look forward to as well.  My best advice is to dress in layers, so you can take them off and put them back on rather than adjusting the thermostat.  I found that I sleep better if I am cold, rather than  hot, so I sleep with a fan on and lightweight blanket, wear summer PJ's and drink lots of water!  Get used to waking up and throwing off your blanket, then putting it back on and repeating the process again and again.... 

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I am not sure if Evening Primrose Oil helps chemo induced hot flashes, but it sure has helped mine from having a total hysterectomy with my ovaries and tubes removed as well (just a not for those that think a hysterectomy includes having your ovaries and tubes removed...it doesn't. Hysterectomy does not include the salpingo-oophorectomy are two different surgeries.) Walmart also sells small fans that are on a string to wear around the  neck. I use mine alot...when outdoors in the summer, cooking, doing  dishes, etc.

There are also cooling collars that a person can soak in cold water, which activitates it and you wear it around your neck.

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