Gastrectomy + Whipple after colectomy

coyotemist Member Posts: 7
I know it's a long shot...but has anyone out there had to have a gastrectomy and a Whipple following a colectomy? My husband already deals with the short gut issues from the colectomy (with J-pouch and ileoanal reanastamosis). We worry about the long term consequences of removing so much from the gut.

He is 38 with FAP. They have found low grade dysplasia on his gastric polyps (he has hundreds), and an additional adenoma on his "ampullary area" after endoscopic ampullectomy.

He's had multiple admissions for dehydration and kidney injuries with a "simple" GI virus.

We are looking for long term results, or just someone else who has had to deal with this.