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I come from breast cancer forum and wanted to say...

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That I check up on you ladies and always pray for all of you.

I lost my grandmom/mother to ovarian c 13 years ago. My best friend. My everything. I miss her daily. Unfortunately her cancer wasn't found on time and her treatment options weren't so great. But treatments are better now, and I pray for a cure FAST. I hate it that people have to experience this and no one deserves it. But in the meantime, I pray for strength, courage and recovery. And a full blessed life that you all deserve.

That is all.


p.s. dx at 32 last year with breast cancer.

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Green Leaf
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I wish you a long, happy and healthy life ahead.

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Cures for all cancers will come someday. We have a saying around here... put on your big girl panties and fight... let us know how you're doing with your battle.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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For checking in on us..your words were very heartfelt. I hope you are cancer free..Come here anytime....Val

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Our cancers may be different but truly we are all in this together. I wish you the best as you fight breast cancer.

Take care,

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Thank you for your wishes too. From your mouth to God’s ears.

I was dx in 2011 (January) with ductal carcinoma (breast). I harvested my eggs (don’t have kids yet :( ), followed by lumpectomy, followed by 8 rounds of chemo (AC/T), and 21 rounds of radiation with boosters. Now taking tamoxifen for 5 years. It was not an easy walk (as most of you know), but we all find our inner strength to fight whatever gets in our way, don’t we? And God guides us through it all.

I had my breast MRI last March and all looked OK (thank God, again). I go for my mammo in Oct. Seeing my Onco tomorrow (Wed). I check my blood for markers every 4 months. It’s nerve-wrecking!! But I try to stay positive and live my life, day by day. I do see more beauty in things than ever before. I also have faith there’s a plan for all of us. So we just need to keep believing we will be OK at the end. No matter what.

I will keep checking and praying of course. I’ll share my news as I get them too. We are all sisters no matter what type of c we’re dealing with.

Sending you all a big hug.

p.s. Lovesanimals - I love animals too. I have 4!

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LoveBabyJesus - I was DX with uterine carcinoma sarcoma cancer stge 3c1 in April 2011. I had a full hysterectomy and 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and no radiation. I am NED as of now. My comment is to make sure you and your drs watch and test your uterus because some of the ladies on the Uterine board have commented that taking tamoxifen for breast cancer caused them to developed uterine cancer. Not all and test are not positive that tamoxifen does help cause uterine cancer. This is just to have you and your drs watch it and be aware. Like you I cross over all the female boards to read up and get tips to fight our different cancers. Pink, Teal and Peach sisters all have a good day and sending up prayers for all. trish

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thank you so much for all your prayers it is nice to see another fellow believer and you are in my prayers also. 46 dx 6/4/2011 with stage 4 ovarian cancer and just had my first reocerrence.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Joined: Jan 2011

Hi Anne - I hope there's a good plan for you in place. I pray that this treatment works for you, that you have a fast and smooth recovery, and that God keeps you strong and positive, always. Amen.

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Posts: 1680
Joined: Jan 2011

Thank you Trish! YEs, I do vaginal ultrasounds every 4 to 6 months to check on my ovaries and ueterus. Thank you for the reminder! I have history of ovarian cancer in my family as well so I've always been concerned about everything - although I was never too concerned about my breasts, that's the type I was dx with. I will keep checking. I wish I had a child I would have removed everything already. Better to be safe.

Prayers to you as well.


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