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2 months

mr steve
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It has now been two months. The eyes still water when I think about her. Day by day drags on with the hope that it will get easier. Maybe when that day comes I can look at her picture and smile.

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Those month days are hard for awhile. Tearing up over things? I still do that and I'm over 2 1/2 years. Grieving takes time. I remember counting the months. Mine was also the 20th, Oct. 20th. I don't count any more, but I still feel a twinge when I realize it's the 20th. Yesterday was my birthday, so I have trouble forgetting that 20th. I had not foreseen the problems with month days. It's strange what things will set is off. Feeling particularly down on those days does seem to be pretty common. It does mellow with time as one friend who recently turned 90 said. Take care, Fay

mr steve
Posts: 286
Joined: Sep 2009

Happy belated B-day...

I have read your post for quite some time and remember hope that I can be as strong as you. Don't know if I can since I'm just a man...LOL

Happy Birthday Fay!!!

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Sorry to hear of your loss. My husband died a little over 2 years ago. I still have bad days, so don't feel bad that you're feeling the way you do after only 2 months. When you love someone for a long time and all of a sudden they're gone it's not easy. My husband & I were married for 46 years and had known each other since we were in first grade. I miss him so much every day and am angry that he was taken away from me before he retired and we never had the time to do things we planned.
Please take each day at a time and I promise you it does get easier but you will never forget. Come here for support cause we all understand. "Carole"

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Five months since I lost my hubby. Just as lonely now as the day I lost him. Life has
changed. 43 years with someone, and then suddenly you are alone. I don't cry as much
now, just feel hollow inside.
I find that if I keep busy I am better.
Hopefully it will get better for you. Wishing you the best.

mr steve
Posts: 286
Joined: Sep 2009


I afraid if I get any busyer I'll have to quit my job... Days do go by and some sleep does come. Its so strange that I am not a caregiver any more. I didn't know that it took sooooooo much of my time. I did find out that I still hate house work....


Posts: 160
Joined: Mar 2011

Steve, sorry about the house work. You miss your wife's help in that I am sure. I miss
my husband's help too. Found a snake in the yard Saturday and had to call someone to
come help. I missed hubby so much then. He was a forester and wouldnt have minded the snake at all. Now I am scared to be alone so much of the time. I think that is one way
it is so hard in a different way for women. We miss the protection of our husbands. But
life is different now. Sometimes I want to just sleep through the days and not even answer the phone. But I know that would be so disappointing to John for me to do that.
Before he became ill, he was always working and staying busy. I tell myself I have to
stay busy and find away to live this new life. I hope and pray that things will get
easier for you. The pain will stay, I can promise you that, but hopefully we all will
learn how to manage it better.

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