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Sadness of cancer

Lindsay douglas
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Here is what i dont get, why is it that everyone is so worried about breast cancer when actual cancer is just as bad. I mean think of all these little kids and babies that don't live but a couple of weeks if that, but no one seems to make something for them to show that you care. Here is something else to think about, think about how these parents of the kids and babies feel because they have to go through the pain of seeing there child in a bed helpless and not able to do anything about it, they also have to go through seeing there child pass away because they just can't go on anymore. "Like this if u agree".

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Breast cancer is actual cancer, many of us who have it are stage 4, we are mothers and fathers of children. Believe me we are heartbroken for any child suffering with cancer. I saw what it did to my sister and bil watching their young son battle liver cancer. He is in remission, but was on a/c for over a year along with 2 major surgeries, radiation, and we watched my other nephew's battle with non- hodgkins lymphoma, and a couple of years later, saw what it was like for him to watch his father (my brother) die of bladder cancer. I am stage 4, and have a son who is batling ET, a form of blood cancer/disorder (it is normally only found in 55+ years, with a 25 yr life span, he is going into hos 13th year, and has been treated with some tough meds since), knowing he will most likely end up with a leukemia and the only cure is a bone marrow transplant. Now he has chosen to be one of my main caregivers as I edge closer to end stage.
Everyone has a life story, and it is not always what people think. Almost 40,000 women and men died in 2011 from bc alone with over 300,000 new cases reported. That is over 30% mainly womwn, most all mothers. Tha indicator t is why there is a lot of coverage,
But it is a real cancer, believe me 18 months of weekly chemo is no walk in he park.

I do not believe.that it is more important in any way, shape, or form. I just think that the Susan Komen Foundation was able to get the funding thru fundraising, mainly because 1 out of every 8 womwn will face bc in their lives.

My heart goes out to all children and their familes, It is so hard to watch your child suffer , knowing there is nothing you can do to change it. But, I think you would be amazed at the number of women on the bc board who have had children with childhood cancers and wish that there was more publicity for childhood cancers.

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Pink ribbon - you think breast cancer.

What is a gold ribbon? Do you know? It is the symbol of childrens cancer.

The sad, very sad fact is that Breast cancer receives the majority of the $$ donated to cancer research. Is breast cancer worse than children's cancer? I think not.

Children's cancer receives less than 10% of money donated to cancer research. That is for ALL children's cancer.

Breast cancer has done a magnificent job of marketing - kudo's.

If I could, I'd take my son's cancer from his body and have it in mine in a heart-beat. Many of the adult cancers are caused by our life style. The thing about children't cancer - they didn't do anything - there is no known cause. Children do not deserve cancer. As an adult, I can say that I do deserve cancer .... I've drinken too much, I've eaten too much, I've eaten the wrong foods, I've even smoked some in my early adult years. If I got cancer ... deserved. My son ... 9 years old ... Wilms tumor ... not deserved!

Our future .... it is in our kids. Lets find a cure for children's cancer. Put most of the money into our kids first.

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Dear Friend, I am so sorry your son has been diagnosed with Wilm's Tumor. As a mother, I can understand your pain and sadness. I want to give you hope that your son will pull through this. I am a 28 year survivor of Adult Wilm's Tumor which is even more rare than childhood Wilms. I was 22 years old in 1984 when I was diagnosed. I had my left kidney removed and I had chemotherapy for 18 months and radiation. Today I am healthy-I have a family and I just celebrated my 50th birthday. There was no internet in 1984 to find information on Wilms and compare what other people were doing. I just followed the recommendation of my doctors. Be strong for your son- be sure he is eating healthy and tell him to fight-he can survive and look back on this as a bad nightmare. My best to you and your family.

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Wilms tumor age 6 months in 1966 Right kidney removed Age 52 now

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I totally agree. I am a childhood cancer survivor. I had (ALL) leukemia. I had a cousin who had Wilms tumor. It is an ugly cancer and no child should ever have to go through it. I hope your son is safe and healthy.

It's rather frustrating that childhood cancer doesn't seem to have an advocate like breast cancer. The kids can't speak for themselves on this. The whole thing of childhood cancer is too massive to take on alone. And yes who really knows what gold means. Most likely support for troops. Every cause deserves to be heard and yet somehow it seems the voice of childhood cancer is being snuffed out. Be proactive in your own life. Never be embarressed to talk about your son and his cancer. I've grown wiser in my 27 years as a childhood cancer survivor.

I have a facebook page childhood cancer survivors. Anyone with a common interest is welcome.

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this campaign is fully dedicated to childhood cancer!!! I think it came out last year :D

St. Jude's is also fully dedicated to childhood cancer :)



unfortunately, the $$ do go into what's famous or what appeals to customers/ fans and usually, it mean to what's famous... fame also seems to be proportion to the number of patients... (or a very famous person getting it and the disease getting famous) whether it was caused by life style or not,,, unfortunately,,, :/ the other horrible thing about childhood cancer is that people aren't aware of it...

I see my friends living a life style much worse than mine,,, and sometimes think,,, why was it me? not them? there are so many ppl out there that seem like they would get it,,, :/ but yeah... unfortunately, it seems like it's the ones that are excelling in life that get childhood cancer, least expectedly :S my dad used to say he'd changes places with me if only he could :/


there's some bright news though :) I heard that in UC Davis, was it?, they cured a girl with AML, I think, using genetherapy (with an HIV vector) the virus didn't contain the RNA that causes the disease, but in stead that of what they intended to introduce to the girl's body to fight/ cure the leukemia...




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I'm writing to ask for your assistance. I am writing a book that tries to explain the value of medicines derived from nature in the treatment of cancer and many other disease against the background of loss of nature all around us. One chapte is about the Madagascar Periwinkle And the drugs vinblastine and vincristine. I know these are not perfect drugs and have difficult side-effects, but they have provided an escape from certain death for many children. I am looking for soem personal stories of how these medicines made a difference. Any leads you could help me with would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks  _paul

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