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Great report from scans

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I had my appointment this AM and got the best news about my scans. Abdominal, chest, pelvic, and bone scans were all clear with no evidence of disease. I have been on Votrient 400mg daily for the last year and it has kept me in remission. I am off of it for 2 weeks due to slightly elevated liver enzymes and still just having minimal GI side effects. He thinks I will stay on it for 5 years depending on side effects and then see what research shows to do then. I am so very blessed to be in remission. God is good and to think I am only on the votrient because insurance wouldn't pay for the Affinitor.

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Gordon Charles
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Congratulations !!! You are a great example of my universal reply for anyone asking about fighting cancer: I live "til I die and I ain't dead yet!

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Great news and another example of a life saved by a combination, but this time Harley + Votrient. You've been doubly lucky - the bike accident revealing the cancer and being one of those whom Votrient suits so well. It's a drug that does seem very good indeed for some folks and maybe for a lot more in the future. Here's hoping that's you're cured and you'll be riding along with Fox and the other biker freaks here for decades to come.

[Have a great week Fox but do use plenty of sunscreen!!!}

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Terrific! So happy for you. Needless to say I'm hungry for MDX1106 and Votrient news (since my husband is on MDX/Votrient trial), and your news is even better than I would have expected combined with a wonderful prognosis from your Dr.


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