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New DX

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Hi...this is my first post..I began having light spotting mid march, after 9 years of menopause. Had a biopsy on the 23rd of May (i work for the Dr, so i didn't have to wait, but I did a bit,to get a pre-planned trip taken.. then had a full physical) and on the 29th got the results of positive for endometrial adenocarcinoma.
My physcial was terriffic!! All labs were perfect, I am 65 and take no meds and have no high blood pressure, diabetes..nothing..perfect!! except for that very slight soptting happening only occasionally over a 2 month timeframe. My doc/boss is confident we got it very early and said that was nothing he felt on manual exam that was not normal. I live about 50 miles from the Kansas University MEdical Center in Kansa City. I will be seeing an oncologyst in their cancer center on Wednesday for staging and whatever other tests i need and to schedule surgery.
I pray for all of us in the "waiting" stags of this process..it is the worst time because if you are like me your mind is running away with all the negative "what if's"...lets encourage each other to stay in the moment and be positive..it can make a difference...
There are other reasons for DUB (disfunctional uterine bleeding) stress, vaginal or endometrial atrophy, estrogen unbalance..and I thought it was any and all of those, never considering the "other thing"...silly silly girl...never let ANYONE wait and poopoo the symptoms...
My husband is a trooper, but i know he is worried..Wednesday will tell the tale and as much as I want it, I fear it.
Just BREATHE.....

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I am reading alot of letters on here that have no meaning to me as of yet...can someone tell mw what they mean?? MMMP...like that??

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I was 54 last March post menopause and started heavy bleeding and severe pain. Went to my regular Gyn Dr who did a D&C. 1 April got the pathology results from the cells removed. It was MMMT - malignant mixed Müllerian tumor or carcinosarcoma (two cancers mixed). Met with the Oncologist Gynecologist Dr on 4 April and surgery (complete radical Hysterectomy with the removal of 12 lymph nodes and the Omentum (layer of stomach fat) 8 April. After the full surgery, the path results were that the tumor in the uterus was stage 1A with the tumor invading approximately 0.3 cm from level of background endometrium into a 3.0 cm thick myometrium in this area. Also 1 Left obturator lymph node out of 4 removed had two microscopic cancer cells which upgraded my stage of cancer to a 3C. Four weeks recovery, then started first chemo of carboplatin-paclitaxol (carbo/taxal) on 6 May and every 21 days till 22 August. Went back to work 6 June and just took off those days that I received chemo and felt bad after the chemo. Taste buds change after chemo and joint/muscle pain hit about day 3-10. Start feeling better just in time to get another treatment. I did not have any radiation, some do. MMMT is a rare and aggressive cancer. I did not know before hand to ask them to do a tumor assay test and if it was hormone positive or negative.
Yes I was no thinking cancer when I had the D&C. I had slight bleeding in 2004 and the D&C cleared it up. So I was thinking ok, another D&C and it will clear up the problem again. I was shocked when the Dr said cancer. But I said: “what do I need to do and let’s get it done”. It has been 1 year since surgery. I go every three months now for test. So far so good. CA125 is not a good marker for me because before surgery it was 15 which is in the normal range.
The chemo does make some people lose their hair, I did. Some ladies chose to buy wigs, wear hats or scarves or go bald. I just went bald because it was HOT (100 degrees in Texas last summer) to wear anything. Each person is different on how the deal with their hair. Lots more information on this site about that subject.
There are several different kinds of uterine cancers that can be diagnosed and each one is different and some more aggressive than others. There are also different treatments, almost all get chemo but some no not get radiation, some do get radiation and some get both external and internal. Which chemo is best is usually determined by a tissue assay test.
Try not to read too much of the Internet because most studies and information is old and out of date. The first thing I read that said MMT said I would only survive 2 years but not longer than 5. I believe I will live longer than that now but there is only One that has control of that. I do not know what my expiration date is and I will fight the cancer fight until I do die no matter what. There are lots of treatments and new studies and cures are found every day to help in the fight of cancer.
There are a lot of women on this site that can give information but all give support and understand the journey. Good Luck on your journey and keep us posted. trish

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Thank you for your positive thoughts...need them

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Your story sounds a lot like mine! I'm 56 and was 2 years post and started having spotting back in mid-Dec. 2011. I went to my Gyn and he ordered a transvaginal ultrasound which showed a thickened endo lining of 9.6. Then he performed a D & C/Hysteoscopy and found that I had Endometriel Adenocarcinoma Grade 2. He said this is the "good kind" to have because it is normally cured with a hysterectomy only. So I had the DaVinci surgery the middle of Feb. and it went very well and I recovered from it fairly quickly.

But I got my Path report back after surgery and I had a positive pelvic wash. The lymph nodes were clear and no spread of the cancer outside of the uterus, though. It was Stage 1a grade 2. I chose to have 3 rounds of Taxol/Carbo due to the positive wash. If the cells were grade 1 I may chosen not to but since they were grade 2 I thought I should go ahead with it so I'd have a better chance of no recurrance later. Chemo was not fun but I got through it ok-just finished a month ago.

I'm really glad that you went in for a biopsy so quickly! I hope that your report comes back good,too! I thought I just had a fibroid or something but I wanted to get it checked out as soon as possible. Sending prayers to you for an early stage and grade and a positvie outcome from your surgery!

Blessings and peace to you!

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Thank you everyone..good to be armed with facts...I am reading the Healing book recommended on this site and I can do nothing but wait and see. I am glad to be part of your family...

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Gay...I also live about an hour from KU Med. My mom was diagnosed with Endometriod Adenocarcinoma stage 3c grade 2 in Nov.2010. She originally saw a dr. in Lawrence who discovered she had endometrial cancer and referred her on to Dr. Chapman at KU Med, she's the one who did her hysterectomy and staging. She went through chemo at Lawrence Cancer Center but continues checkups with Dr, Chapman. She finished treatment a year ago in March and some "spots" are showing up on her lungs. She goes in tomorrow for a PET scan and results on Thurs. You are right..the waiting and not knowing is one of the hardest parts. Hang in there and prayers to you for quick healing!

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Gay, so far the worst of all of this has to be the waiting, and our imagination. I started this journey with vague symptoms and in Dec. 2010 surgery. The worst was the 1st few days. I'm amazed how quick we can recover if we get out of bed asap! This is doable, God is with us in the midst of it all. Giving it all to him is a choice, and an awfull good one. I'm so humbled by the folks he sends our way. So far, every Dr vistit finds me NED(no evidence of disease). My imagination can run, I'm glad none of my fears have come true. I was dx with Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma(UPSC) stage 4. This IS a great place to be during this journey. May we all Arrest our wild imagination. Luke 17:5-6 "If ye had faith as a grain of a mustard seed...".

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