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Mother of a teenager diagnosed with Osteosarcoma

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WOuld like to talk to others with children who have kids with Osteosarcoma

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Hello there, my son has osteosarcoma of the spine. I strongly suggest you join the ACOR osteosarcoma list. There are quite a few of us mums there. http://www2.acor.org/listservs/join/103

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I am a 13 year osteosarcoma survivor! I was dx at the age of 15. It was in my left leg. I have started a blog about my survivorship www.ialwayswantedtoshavemyhead.blogspot.com or you can email me at passingthetest98@aol.com. I would love to answer any question you might have! I know this is a whirlwind and it seems hard to take a moment to stop and come up for air!

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My daughter Kalei (12) was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her upper left arm (humerus). She just started chemotherapy last Monday/Tuesday July 16, 17. This past Wed. she got a fever and we had to rush her to ER. Her white blood cells plummeted in just a couple of days from 5,400 to 300 and she ran a high fever. It was a terrible night, but she is getting better. How old is your daughter and where is her tumor?


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Hi I'm not a parent but am lookin for other osteosarcoma people( hard to find). I am still goin hard and hav been through every chemo it seems like for this type of cancer. I can also help u with what u should expect If u r new. I am at unc hospital but went to md Anderson in Texas for 2nd opinion. They specialize in osteosarcoma if u want expert help.

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