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Castle Surgical Website

alice124's picture
Posts: 898
Joined: Mar 2012

I just searched google looking for other people in the same trial as John and realized our postings are carried on the Castle Surgical website too. I coincidentally found my own post. Just an fyi.


Texas_wedge's picture
Posts: 2798
Joined: Nov 2011

Do you know anything about this outfit Alice? At a quick glance, they seem a legit commercial enterprise but I'm a bit concerned that they are carrying postings from here without our being aware of the fact.

Posts: 58
Joined: May 2012

They are harvesting posts from here. I saw one I posted yesterday. Maybe we should start a thread saying "I am sure glad I did not go to Castle Surgical!"

Interesting that they pull from this site.

alice124's picture
Posts: 898
Joined: Mar 2012

I know absolutely nothing about them. I found them totally by accident doing a random search.

lbinmsp's picture
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Joined: Jun 2006

Perhaps they're trying to convince someone (investors? new patients?) - that we're all their patients.

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