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Robin Gibb Has Passed Away

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Deep sigh. Now I am sad, scared and depressed... Again.

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Much tragedy has hit that family... I think Barry is the only one left.

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Another loss.


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So sad to see Robin's passing especially from his cancer. It not been a good week for those of us remembering the disco era. Pray everyone is good. Jeff

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I agree, Vicki. It's 2 AM my time and I just can't sleep. From what I've read, he and I were diagnosed around the same time (my second anniversary was this past Saturday) both with mets to the liver. Even though I had good news this past week (the tumor in my right lung is "virtually gone" and for the first time, we were able to count the tumors in my liver, I still feel scared after Robin's passing.


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Hey Doc Hawk

Never forget that EVERY Cancer patient is unique... NO two are exactly alike.

Burry the scared feeling and any saddness in comparing your cancer to his or others.

and, celebrate YOUR life and others life after passing. Keep your positive attitude front and center my cancer fighting brother!


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It was just a bit of a cage rattler coming when it did. I actually think of my dx day as my "second birthday" because that's the day that I really learned how to live.


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This news is very sad.

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kind of strange that every post about Robin Gibbs deal states... "... died after a long cancer battle".

a two year battle doesn't seem like a "long" battle.

Am i wrong?

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This saddens me too.... We all have to keep one foot in front of the other and are all dealing with different circumstances with our treatments......
Its still scary when we hear this sad news. Sigh......

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I read that and thought what the hell? I'm planning on the first 2 years as being the opening rounds of this " battle." I'm thinking a long battle as being at least 5, but more like 30... ;-)

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Now you're thinking on the right track!!!

go out and make it a great day!

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I was making just about the same comment to my folks today. I told them that I feel like after two years, I'm finally starting to dig in my heels to fight.

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and I got to admit, it made my husband depressed when he heard of his passing.

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