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Hi Everyone,
Well went to my oncologist today and got my test results. No amyloidosis! Thank God for that! But lots of information today. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

However, my hemolglobin is a bit low and several nodes are up. The biggie is the bone marrow though. I went from 10% to 50% infiltration. So needless to say treatment is starting tomorrow. I am very fortunate that my doctors knew to do another BMB and caught this before it progressed any further. I'm lucky not to have more symptoms than I do.

So it will be Benemustine for 6 months.

Good wishes and prayers are always welcome! :)

Hugs to all. My daughter gave me a necklace that says blessings on it today. It has an instruction card that says to remember all the good in your life. What a beautiful thought. Am I am truly blessed with great family, great doctors and great support. (That's your part) So thanks everyone.

Love ya,

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Hi Donna!

Thanks for sharing and the great attitude too :).

Big hugs and positive thoughts for you that
you breeze through the treatments.

Please keep us posted and you know we're here for you.

Here's a warm and fuzzy hug.


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Hi Donna,
I'm glad your treatment will start right away and hopefully now be able to put this darn cancer in check, once and for all. Now, do you have to stay at the hospital for this treatment, or is it the kind where you get an infusion and then go home afterwards? Please let us know how it goes for you and of course you have tons of good wishes, prayers,hugs and love coming your way! Take care and know we are here for you. Love...Sue

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hey Donna, awesome attitude, always wishing you well! PS your daughters a smart girl!!! Vinny

miss maggie
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Dear Donna,

As I said before, you are being looked after by great doctors. Yes, your family is
such a blessing. What would any of us do, if not for them.

Benemustine is suppose to be a great chemo treatmet with less side effects.

I send my love and prayers, along with my blessings. Love Maggie

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Hi Donna,
I'm really glad that the doctors are starting treatment, I will be praying that everything goes well for you! It's hard not to feel overwhelmed many mixed emotions running wild through your head but try to stay calm (I know easier said than done), got to have faith that everything will be fine.
Take care of yourself and sending you positive thoughts and (((Hugs)))


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your news is great and your necklace souds buatiful good luck on your chemo prayers and blessins to you. denise

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So glad your doctors (and you) are on top of this - here's to a very speedy and BORING treatment with no drama and all the very best results!
I do love boring, these days...

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Joined: Jun 2010

Thank you guys! I can feel the hugs, support, prayers and loving good wishes coming from all of you.
It means the world to me!

If you notice,it is 2:45 am. Up with terrible acid reflux and nausea and a slight rash. Sitting up for 45 minutes- getting better-it'll pass. Took some "meds". Ahhhh the like of a patient. May God grant me peace!

Jim- Boo is my new favorite!!

Hugs to everybody,


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