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Turkey, pork and chicken

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Can anyone shed some light on comsuming pork turkey or chicken if you have PC? I know red meat is a no no and try to limit it to once maybe twice a month. However, not sure of these foods.

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I try to keep my protein intake from any animal product to less than 15%. Read the China Study. Pork, chicken, and fish is better than red meat.



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As mentioned by Kongo, "the China Study" by T. Colin Campbell is a great source to determine the pros and cons of various foods.

Additonally a DVD "ForksoverKnives gives an abbreviated version of the book http://csn.cancer.org/node/236984

Dr. Dean Ornish, did a study among those with prostate cancer, and observed a decline in PSA with a strickly vegetarium diet and exercise.

Dr. "Snuffy Myers, the PCA medical oncologist avocates a mediterrain heart healthy diet


No red meat, no bacon, no cured meat, avoid corn products; popcorn, corn chips, other corn products (contains omega 6)
no dairy products, no egg yolks


curcumin,(tumeric), reserertrol(improves HDL), creatine(news muscle protein “Twin Lab Creatine Fuel), 2 grms 2x a day after exercise, also , 3 egg whites

Vitamin D -60-80mm

pomogranate extract pills

Amino ‘Acid, lucine brand “Purple Rath” supplement 1 cap sx a day

Avocates a mediterrain heart healthy diet....there is a decrease in PSA doubling from 6.4 to 17.4 from American to Mediterain diet

he feels that a vegan low fat diet is to restrictive for the average to follow (no animal, no oils)

He also believes that fish,egg beaters, egg whites, avocados and olive oil good.

There is a doctor, Joel Fuhrman who wrote a book "Eat to Live" and presents on public TV, who avocates a veggie diet, and give many compelling reasons for this life style, that I am personally following.

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Are Omega fish oil pills bad? I take them for cholesterol

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Since I have been eating a veggie type diet, my cholesterol has dropped significantly.

I know that there are different quality omega fish oil pills, however, since I have never taken this supplement, I cannot comment to your question.

I just goggled "sources of omega 3"; below is one of many sites that appeared. It seems to me that there are plenty of sources of foods found in a heart healthy diet that have omega 3, and there is no need for the pills.


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I take 2gm (1gm am & pm) of fish oil pills for the omega 3 fatty acids daily mainly has a heart healthy supplement but it's also supposed to have other benefits, including improved blood circulation, an aid in weight loss, as a body anti-inflammatory substance, anti-arthritic and rheumatoid properties and the relief of anxiety and depression.

See: http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-fish/health-benefits-of-fish-oil.html

My doctor says the amount I'm taking is fine. It was also included as a recommended supplement in UCSF's Nutrition and Prostate Cancer booklet: http://cancer.ucsf.edu/_docs/crc/nutrition_prostate.pdf

There is some cholesterol in the pills (10mg each). However, my cholesterol has dropped significantly in the past 2 years despite taking the pills during that time, which I attribute mainly to changes in diet and an increase in exercise.

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I also significantly decreased my meat consumption after being diagnosed last July. After my RP surgery at the end of January, my wife attended a Forks Over Knives seminar at the end of March. Since the beginning of April, I have been 90+% vegen. I eat some salmon on my salad daily at lunch, and probably eat chicken one time a week. Besides that no meat or dairy. Also no processed sugars.

Will it help? I don't know but I did conclude it was worth trying.

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Last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, My wife and I started to reasearch diets, since that time I cut red meat to the point where I donot remember when I eat it. Red meat is really not good for you, also pork, my diet at this time is for the most part 90 percent vegetarian. I eat some chicken and fish now. The diet that I am following is very high in the antioxident area. I have cut out refined sugar. Most of my sugar comes from fruit and vegetables. Diet is very important if you are fighting cancer. My diet has a lot of spice and herbs and also a very heavy mix of garlic. I will consume about 5 whole bulbs of garlic a week. My wife started to read books on cancer diet and red meat is very bad for you. Foods with transfats are also bad. Refined sugar feeds cancer. The american/western diet is not good for people fighting cancer, your body needs proper nutrition during this time. I center my diet around what is good for me and what is good for fighting cancer. There are many sites on line that has information on cancer diets. The cancer diet for the most part is a heart healthy diet. You need to eat foods that boost your imune system. Cancer is a real drain on the imune system. I have a friend at work that follws this diet, he is 45 and looks about 35. this person has been following this diet for a long time now. He does not have cancer and has been helping me with the right foods to eat. Do some research into this it really is not a bad diet to follow and we have been saving money at the grocery store by following this diet, no more junk foods, that saves a lot of money. I have been trying to follow a full circle cancer recovery routine and diet is very important, sorry for going on about this. This last year was a wake up call for me. Take care

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