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multiple myeloma diagnosis

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Hello. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in February, 2012, after experiencing excruciating back pain for 1 month. Two plasmacytomas had destroyed almost all of my T-4 vertebrae, and my spine was surgically stabiliazed with rods/screws. I underwent 12 sessions of radiation and am now doing chemotherapy as there are two lytic lessions on other areas of my spine. My bone marrow biopsy report: "mild plasmacytosis; no evidence of multiple myeloma", however, my blood work shows kappa light chain protein elevation. I have also consulted with a stem cell transplant doctor. I am having to learn a lot about this cancer, as I had never heard of it before my diagnosis. Otherwise, I am a healthy, (osteoarthritis is my only other chronic condition) 60 year old female who never smoked nor drank; exercised, followed all the anti-cancer diet suggestions, etc. The last incidence of cancer in my family was over 60 years ago. This illness is a total shcck to me. I am hoping to connect to people in this network who can give positive feedback for dealing efffectively with this disease and living beyond the sobering life expectancy statistics. My immediate goal is to return to work at my wonderful job for 2 more years; retire in 2013 and lead a meaningful life of purpose and resolve. While I have wonderful friends helping me and providing emotional support, I do not have a family, so I am in this alone. Thank you for any positive support you can provide. Mary Ellen

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Like your case, I was healthy, etc. until diagnosed June, 1999 @ age 57. Slow, painful diagnosis after many compression fractures and loss of 3" in height. But I responded well to 6 months chem, a stem cell transplant, and was very fortunate to have a complete remission (CR) that continues to this day. I'm active in our local support group, editing a monthly newsletter for members.

I would suggest spending some time on line at the International Myeloma Foundation website (myeloma.org). Learn as much as you can there. Check out the 'newly diagnosed' tab. Look for a MM support group in your area. Use the IMF's help line for any questions you have, as they seem to do a very good job. Keep medical records of all your tests so you and your doc can be aware of the trends in key measures.

The disease is strange, but if you do not have chromosomal abnormalities (ask your Oncologist about this), there are a lot of newly developed treatments that did not exist when I was diagnosed and many of our group's members have lived 5, 10, 15, even over 20 years. However, it seems everyone is different, and what works for some doesn't work for others. Research is progressing toward a cure, but not in the immediate future.

Best of luck.


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I have just completed a stem cell transplant, I am now over 50 days post transplant. I am feeling great, it was worth all I had to go through with the transplant. I have 9 Lytic Lessions, thru my bones. I will have my 3rd bone marrow biopsy, 24 hour urine and intense blood work at day 100 of transplant. I was referred to an awesome oncologist that I love and trust. I am back at work part time and feel I have been given my life back. I was walking with a cane a yr ago. I was also on serious pain meds. Keep the Faith, things do get better. Take Care,

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Can someone please help?  At 75, my healthy and fit brother was diagnosed with Myeloma.  No pain associated so caught in very early stage.  He is 30 days out from Stem Cell Transplant and continues to suffer with lack of energy, appetite and worst symptom of all is experiencing nerve damage in his feet (neuropothy) that seemed to begin after initial chemo treatment with Velcade.  Any recommendations, advice or similar experiences?  This website was extremely helpful to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago.

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