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wait over

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Hello again its been awhile. I want to update all on whats been happening. In Sept 11 dx with spot on kidney, surgery scheduled for Dec. testing showed stage 4. prostate cancer.Prostate removed Dec 12 April 19 3.5cm removed from kidney Dr. said I should be cancer free now . I will keep following every ones post and praying for cancer free. I will let all know how all follow ups go. Home after DaVinci surgery,just trying to take it easy and get back to work.

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Hi Bill,

Good to hear from you, been a rough few months but sounds like the worst of it is behind you and you can work on getting back to "normal" whatever that is for a double whammy survivor. Take it slow and easy for the next week or so, drink plenty of water and walk as much as is comfortable, that really helps during the recovery phase.

Welcome back,


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Thanks for the advice been home for a week walking so everything seems better some pain in left side inside berrable but can catch you off gaurd. I think I got over zellus with some lifting and helping around the house. I want to thank you again

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You just had major surgery. This is not a marathon. Give it a few weeks before too much exercise.


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