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Port is out

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tina dasilva
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Hello everyone hope everyone is doing good . Well last Friday jorge got his port taking out. part of me thinks its to soon for the port to come out but who am I just his wife I guess .Jorge's CEA is at 1.3 . But its so nice to see Jorge happy and Free for now. Hugs to everyone love you all Tina

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That's great for your husband. Tell him to enjoy the freedom. I can't wait to get mine out.


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Sounds wonderful he got his port out. I'm wondering since I get treatment in Ontario too, who suggested he have his port taken out? Did Jorge request this, or did the oncologist say it was to be taken out?

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tina dasilva
Posts: 644
Joined: Sep 2010

Smokeyjoe it was the Oncologist

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Hi Tina,

It's nice to hear that Jorge is doing so well, I'm very happy for you both. :-)

All my best,

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That's good. I'm surprised. I know before I got my port my oncologist made some comment about the fact it could stay in for four years!!! Yikes.

Brenda Bricco
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I know how you feel about not wanting to take it out too soon... I worry that something could come up and not having the port could just prolong getting treatment. I think my husband would jump to get his taken out because he has had so much done in just over a year, he is just tired of it all and wants to feel normal again. That CEA is wonderful and I am so glad Jorge is happy. :)

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Having my port for so long I cant imagine how liberating it must feel not having it. Congrats Jorge enjoy the freedom. Jeff

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Mine has been out for almost 4 years, but I still get pain from adhesions where the port was. So mine is definitely gone but not forgotten. (I had multiple complications with the placement of my port, resulting in excessive scarring, and thus ongoing pain.)

But yes, it is wonderful not having that lump under my skin and that little tube over my collarbone.

Wishing Jorge many years of good health!

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This sounds fabulous to me!!!


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Hugs to both.

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Tina that is great.......movin on


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It's nice to hear Jorge is confident to have his port out and feels a sense of freedom. Mine, I plan to keep for awhile but that's just me. I had so many problems with it in the beginning and now I hear that it's one of the best functioning ports the nurses have ever seen. After a rocky start, I made friends with the port just as I have Norma, my temporary stoma. (She doesn't know she's going back inside soon.) Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but preschool teachers have a tendencey to personify objects:)

So happy things are going well.
Love and light to you.

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Great news on port removal and CEA level! Not sure when they will take mine out but I'm looking forward to it! Can't sleep on my right side because it seems everything on the left side feels like it sliding over. :). Can't sleep on my left because of the port and I'm not a back sleeper! :)

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Wonderful news! Congratulations on the good news. Enjoy,

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good for him - the power of positive thinking that he won't need it again

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