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Newly Diagnosed Stage IV Lung Cancer (Dad)

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Hello everyone,
My name is jeannette and I am a newbie to these forums so I thought id join and share my story and seek some support.

My father is 55 years old and two weeks ago he was diagnosed with metastatic small cell lung cancer (stage iv) that has spread to other organs. A little after thanksgiving last year my dad starting feeling ill and he developed a pain in his left leg. Then a few days later he caught a nasty flu that lasted well over christmas and had no signs of leaving. In feburary of this year his flu went away but this odd cough wouldn't leave and at times my dad would be out of breath so fast by walking or bending over. My mom and I were really concerned so earlier this month she took him to the clinic and they gave him a chest x-ray. The doctors found a blood clot in his left lung so he was rushed to the LA-USC hospital. For weeks we had no clue what was going on with my dad until they gave us the news that the cancer had spread into both of his lungs and it was too late for it to be operated. My dad has these episodes where he has a hard time breathing but then it goes away. Also he had pneumonia off/on for a couple of weeks at home and in the hospital. He looked so healthy and now he has lost 25 pounds and looks like he aged 10 years. the doctors tell us that he doesn't have much time left because the cancer is very advanced so chemo is our only hope. He just started chemo last week and thank god he resisted for the first time. Hopefully the next round of chemo won't make things worse. Now he has a fever and sometimes he can't breathe but the oxygen helps a lot when he walks around or is in bed. My family is so stressed out and worried every single day but we are praying and hoping my dad gets through this alive. He wants to fight this cancer. Some days he looks healthy and some days he looks really sick which puts me on edge but I know I have to be positive and strong for him and my family. I've browsed some of the survivor stories on here and they give me hope for the future. My dad is a fighter and I pray to god that he can fight this.

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Hello there....I know the feelings....it is a bad situation. I have had all you mention. I am here and alive ! and have some reasonable peace and serenity.

All really anyone can do is continue to have the medical support as necessary and enjoy the time together, it's really all we have..isn't it?

Best wishes

Stage VI LC, 48 yrs old...lung, lymphs, and brain mets---two years since dx

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Thank you so much, that is amazing to hear! And yes our family continues being strong no matter what happens.
I hope my dad pulls through with the chemo and treatments. I have faith that the cancer will go into remission. I want him around for a longer time :)

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