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Claudia, what do YOU eat on typical day?

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Claudia, you've been such a great source of information on nutrition--including posts on curcumin, foods that minimize angiogensis, acid versus alkaline foods, low gylycemic fruits, and other nutrition-related subjects.

So given this fount of information, I'd love to know what you eat in a typical day or two. Jill has often shared this with us but after your warnings about too much brown rice, would love to know what you are eating these days. (Am trying not to eat TOO much brown rice and quinoa with chickpeas or beans and would like to know what to substitute to get a whole protein!


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I will be more than happy to hear from you too.

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I too would like suggestions. What staples do you always keep around for breakfast,lunches, snacks, etc.? What are the Herbs & Spices you keep on hand? What about sugar/sugan substitues, salt, milks, cheese, eggs, breads, cereals, etc.? What about vitamins and supplements and their Mg./day? Can most items be bought at a regular grocery store? I think HEB has organic foods, but not sure. For me, there are several health stores like GNC, etc. for supplements, but a place like Whole Foods for groceries is way across town and not a place I could just go to frequently for a few things. Books are wonderful, but there are millions of them and their suggestions are not practical for the average household even if one member has cancer.
Living, planning, shopping and cooking will definitely be different for my family, so I pray there are some simple, practical suggestions to help implement this new standard of meal planning.

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Hi Rosey, just read your post. I eat quinoa every morning but did not know there were issues. What is the problem with brown rice and quinoa?

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As several point out, quinoa (and millet, buckwheat brown rice) are among the healthiest of grains, quinoa offering the most complete protein of all fo them.

The question is how MUCH grain we should eat; Tethys and proponents of the "paleo diet" believe that we should cut back on grains and perhaps even chickpeas as they are carbohydrates--which quickly become glucose after digestion. And Claudia reminds us that brown rice is not alkaline, but acidic, despite its many assets otherwise so we shouldn't go "overboard" with it, eating it every day.

I myself feel really good when eating grains and legumes.


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Interested in hearing your reply.

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