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Birthday Wednesday march 7

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WoW...... I will be 55. Dang, it seems like just yesterday I was 35. I have been lying about my age for so long....then I had to start lying about my kids' ages and now my grandkids are getting so old I am gonna have to start lying on them! Heck, it just really don't seem to matter anymore really..... I think I am just so greatful to see another birthday that I will never complain or lie about age again.

I just got CEA back and it continues to decline. Now at 3.9. that is the lowest it has been in many many months. My hair is growing out and it is so nice to have eyebrows again. Vectibix makes your facial hair grow thick. I actually have to get my brows waxed every other week and my eyelashes are unreal! I have trimmed them 4 times now. I have to shave my upper lip too because it gets course with hair.

My body sure has undergone some drastic changes thanks to cancer. My husband passed by the bathroom door and asked what I was doing....oh, brushing my teeth ( teeth in hands). He passed by again and asked again what I was doing...oh, brushing my hair ( wig in hand). Yep.... Things a little different!

I did have plans of going out Wednesday night and drinking a few brews for my birthday but now I am on some heavy duty anti-biotics for lung flem and nail bed infection...soooooo...my celebration will have to wait. that's okay

Raising my bottle of Smart Water.....CHEERS MY FRIENDS!!!!!


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Wow Jennie- Happy Birthday!
Have been scrolling through old posts for the last couple of days- obsessive I know, but some days I need some positives and really enjoy reading your posts. You have had a tough journey but you are so strong and have a really positive outlook on life, Anyway just thought it was uncanny you posted after I had been reading bits and piece from you from the past few years. Happy birthday again :)

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And here's to 50 more. Have a great dinner celebration, with or without the brew.

Luv Ya,


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Have a wonderful time!
Love ya!

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even with water :-)

Happy Birthday and may there be manymanymanymany more :-)


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It's funny how much more birthdays mean to us. May you be around to lie about the age of your great grand kids,Ron.

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Have Fun. Those brews taste good any 'ole time.
You crack me up....thanks always for the humor. Sure didn't think you were a grandmother.

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Too funny about how things change with this cancer stuff. We can actually laugh at ourselves. Things that use to rattle me don't phase me now. I'm so grateful for every good day (and pray the bad one pass quickly)! Here is a big birthday hug to you and pray you have many more to come.

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Happy Wonderful Birthday Jennie! ....And you have many many more!

love ya, gail

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Have a WONDERFUL DAY, here's to many more!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

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Than not show up at all..
Happy Birthday Jennie!
I have a note from my doctor, I had chemo and slept through your party!
Many more...

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Okay..... You are excused Phil but only cause you got a note from the doc.....lol. Believe me...you didn't miss much but thanks for thinking about me!


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Happy Birthday to you. As I raise my glass of Water I wish you the best Birthday and many more.

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wishing you many more happy and healthy years ahead.

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Birthday---yes!!!!! Congratulations and Happy early Birthday :)

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Yeah - Happy Another Birthday and wishing you another, and another, and another, and another, for many years to come. George is right behind you on March 9th.

Hugs - Tina

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Happy B'day Jennie!! :-)

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I hope you enjoy your day,and you can always drink the brews later,maybe even b-b-q.

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Have a great day! It will be good to be 55. Meet you there in November, hard to believe I know. I remember when I worried about getting old, now I worry about not getting old. Enjoy this day. You deserve a good time!

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Happy Birthday!!! I love the new picture, and you are a beautiful 55. And you are going to be a beautiful 65, 75 ................
Have a wonderful day, my friend.
Hugs, Judy

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Haaappppyyy Birtthhhdddaaayyyy toooooo youuuuu. Haaappppyyyy Biiiirrrrttthhhddaay tooooo youuu. Happy Birtthhddaaay Jeeeennnnnnnniiiiieeeee. Haaaaapppppyyy Biirrrrttttthhhhdddddaaayyyyy tooooooooooo yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Pardon me if that was sung off key, I woke up with a cold this morning.
Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and many, many more to you my dear friend.
Winter Marie

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Here comes another Happy Birthday wish for you along with the hope that you get to celebrate at least another 40!

Yes, at a certain point we all give up the 'no that is not my grown son but my younger brother' routine!

I did have a nice compliment one day when my daughter and I were out together...someone wanted to know if I was her sister! I was pleased as punch...my daughter, not so much...lol!

Hope that you can get out there for that celebration brew or two soon.

Hugs and many happy days for you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Happy Birthday Jennie, may you have many many more!

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Joined: Feb 2012

happy b-day to you i hope it is great

tina dasilva's picture
tina dasilva
Posts: 644
Joined: Sep 2010

Happy Birthday Jennie the best wishes to you for the coming year hugs Tina

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Happy Birthday Jennie! I hope you have a fantastic day!


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Would never have guessed you are 55-you look way younger! Ann

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Happy, happy birthday!!!!

(Oooops, just threw my bad hip out while dancing...sigh...secret is don't get old...oh, wait, the other choice is worse....*smile*)

56, 57 in July...beat you by months!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Happy Birthday Jennie! and Great news on your CEA!

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wow you guys!!! Do I ever feel the love!!! Thank you all sooooooo much. I have had a productive cough and on antibiotics but found myself at my PCP office today as breathing was becoming very difficult and it was scaring me. She sent me straight for chest xray to check for pneumonia. that was clear BUT... I do have a pretty bad bronchial infection. They gave me a breathing treatment and that helped A LOT!!! She also gave me a shot in the butt of some super duper antibiotic. It burned all the way down to my ankles but she assured me I would be thanking her tomorrow as I will be feeling THAT much better...we'll see. They also had a company deliver a "nebulizer" to my crib so I can do the breathing treatments myself at home for the next 10 days. Even tho I was sick on my birthday I am still feeling blessed to have the chance to be celebrating at all. aside from this bronchial thing... I feel like a million bucks! Love to you all!!


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Sorry I am late in wishing you a very happy b-day!!! I know you will celebrate (when you are able) in Jennie style!!!

Hope you feel better real soon.


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