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4+ year HNC survivor with neighbor/friend w/PC

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Have a neighbor/friend who is 4 years into PC. Has had surgery, rads, etc. PSA has spiked again recently and Urologist recommends seeing a Chemo Oncologist. Probably an elementary question, but what is the most common and hopefully most effective chemo cocktail used in a similar situation? Really appreciate your help. JK

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I recommend you to share more details on your friend's ststus (age, symptoms, tests, etc.) if you want to get viable advice.
Thje traditional chemo drug is Docetaxel, however, newer drugs may be enough to him.
Here is a site on the drug;

You can check here for similar suggestions;

Good luck to your friend.

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I will talk to him and get more info. He can surely use the help of all of you folks who have "been there, done that". Thanks again. I'll get more info and get back to you. JK

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