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I have been having frequent UTIs since treatment ended. Anyone else having this problem?

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I can't say that this has been an issue for me. I'm wondering if in your case your urethra has some scar tissue from the radiation and you are not completely emptying your bladder upon urination, which could lead to bacteria. Just a thought.

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It has been an issue for me. I even had to see a urinary oncologist because of trace amounts of blood in my urine. He said with radiation there is higher rate of UTI's and he suggested I drink LOTS of water to keep the urine clear (he said it should be almost like I'm peeing water rather than the yellowy color (sorry if TMI)...that keeps bacteria from collecting in urinary tract. Has your doctor put you on a longer regimen of antibiodics? They had to give me a 30 day supply and he said if it continued, I may have to be on a daily dose (preventative) but so far it has not happened. Hope that you are feeling better. Marilyne

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I'll talk to my doctor and drink plenty of water in the mean time.

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