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aortocaval lymph node first recurrence OC

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The OC is returned as a aortocaval lymph node. I am taking chemo carbo/taxol. Chemo treatment started with CA125 of 129. After the first cycle of chemo treatment CA 125 went down only by 7 points.
This is the first recurrence for me. The recurrence after 9-months of chemo treatement (after the surgery). OV cancer stage 3B, I am BRCA 1.
Anyone had similar experience. I need to know in order to plan ahead what I got to do. What is the life expectancy after this recurrance. I got a 6-year old doughter to take care of. I really appreciate your response.

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Hi Ona,

No one knows the future. I am very sorry that you have a recurrence. Carbo/taxol is proven successful in treating ovarian cancer.

I had a recurrence in an aortic lymph node in July, 2012. I was treated with carbo/taxol. The tumor dissolved. I am now cancer-free.

Love your little daughter and try to smile.

Good luck to you.


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Thank you Connie,

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I haven't had a similar experience but wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and your daughter as you deal with this reoccurance.


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Dear Kelly,
Thank you.

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I am praying for you hon
Hugs Lynda

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You have a good chance of getting into remission again--or stabilizing your disease. Maria is a five-year survivor even though she isn't in remission, her disease is stable.

Best wishes to you.

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Hi Ona

sorry you are going through this. I'm apparently heading into my first recurrence also with ca 125(73). Haven't started chemo yet.  But prolly will in near future. Just hathe to start when I feel well.

i wanted to tell you about a new drug I'm going to take next time I start chemo. Its awaiting FDA approval but can be bought. It is supposed to help with chemo resistant cancer. They've been working on it for 18 years. it is made by CBA Pharma. You can google that to read more. It looks promising. I'm going to give it a try anyway.

best to you

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