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You'll Like This Video

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Hi guys-

Jerry Kill is the head coach of the University of Minnesota football team. He is an unbelievable guy--very genuine and caring. And....he's an RCC survivor. Here's a video you might find interesting and inspiring. He's be an survivor for 6+ years. Anyway, I am a HUGE Wisconsin Badger fan and have always disliked the Gophers. But, since they hired Jerry last year I have been rooting for him (except when they play the Badgers). This was months before I ever gave a second thought to RCC. Anyway, Jerry found out about my surgery from someone at General Mills (where I work). He immediately posted on my Caringbridge site. Just a small example of how a simple act of kindness can have a big impact.

Anyway, I hope you like the video below:

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I just watched it, I knew he had some health issues mostly because of his on field collapse this season, but I had no idea he was one of us, very cool.



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Thx for posting...

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Brought a tear to my eye. Thanks

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Flatlander, I hope it's mostly just your eyes weeping now. It seems you're continuing to be a special guy in more than one way! Hang in there and keep making progress.

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Good video. It's worthy of note that complete strangers can have so much empathy while some friends and relatives try to avoid contact because of uneasy feelings about cancer.

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That elephant always seems to be in the room when with people that know you and its odd because I remember being in that room and feeling the same way not that long ago. Now I'm comfortable talking to others about their journey, one of the few good things I can say about cancer.

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I was watching a Gophers football game on television this past fall when their Coach Kill collapsed on the side lines. Some TV commentator had mentioned that he (Coach Kill) was a kidney cancer survivor. I became a Minnesota fan all of a sudden...Well anyway go HUSKERS.....
RCC stage T3b grade 2 NED since Mar 2009.

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Thank you for that Scott.

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