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Thyrogen shortage???

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I had my TT in August of 2010. My Dr. wanted to administer a thyrogen injection prior to my 1 year blood tests for recurrent cancer (TG tests). He has not been able to get the thyrogen hormone shots. Now the company is saying that it might not be available until end of January or February.

My Dr. didn't want to wait any longer, so I had my 1 year ultra sounds yesterday. They found a small mass in the thyroid bed. Having had 4th stage hurthle cell carcinoma, this is very concerning.

Now I need to drop to 1/3 of my synthroid level pills and go hypo in order to have an accurate cancer screening. I'm pissed! Has anyone else had issues getting thyrogen shots? Is there a work around to get the shots? I am the sole supporter of my family, and have a high demand job. I won't be able to function well for 2-3 weeks without the appropriate thyroid replacement hormones.

Any insight would be welcomed.

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Hi, I am having the same problems. I am due for a full body scan and there is a waiting list for this shot. I am kind of scared becuse i am having throat problems where it hurts all the time. Let me know how you do. Good luck.

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Heard it was not available, but two months ago I just called about 20 pharmacies and found one which had it in stock; just one kit. Drove there immediately. No side effects from two thyrogen injections. No side effects from I131. The anticipation was the worst, and in retrospect, it was a breeze.

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Hi MarinMark, could I ask you what pharmacies did you call because I called CVS and they never heard of it. Also, the hospital pharmacy didnt know either. The NP at my doctors office in Trumbull, CT that is spossed to take care of it is just not doing her job and she will not let me help with this at all. I am 3 months over do. If you can help in any way, please let me know. Thanks Deb

Ps. Also, If anyone else has an answer for me, let me know. Thank you

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Hi - I am sorry I don't know where you live. However, I had my Thyrogen treatment at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital, Manhasset, NY. I was told I would be put on a waitlist and it could take months. However, I was very lucky and got a call and I had my treatment in October, 2011. I was told that I could have the body scan procedure if I had stopped taking my Synthroid. I opted to wait. If you don't want to wait, I would talk to your doctor about your options. I wish you nothing but the best. - Diane

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After 2 weeks, my TSH levels were not high enough so I was taken completely off Synthroid on Jan 2. A week and a half ago, TSH was up to 110. I go for I-131 on Monday Feb 6 and the body scan on the 8th. I'm definitely hypo... tired and cold. Can't wait to get back on Synthroid.

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Thyrogen has just become available on the UK National Health Service. I was booked in for RAI on 2 April, but had to go in the previous two days for Thyrogen injections. I had been off medication and on the iodine free diet for the previous month as well!

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