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New to this board - Uterine polyps found

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Hello, I am new to this board, but not this site. My husband passed away from head and neck cancer two years ago and I have thyroid cancer. Doing tests a year after my thyroid had been removed and I had undergone radiation, my tumor marker bloodwork was elevated. I then underwent several tests, one being a PET scan. My left ovary lit up, so I was referred to a gyn who preformed a vaginal ultrasound. Two polyps were found on my uterious. They want me to come back to do a sono-hist (?). I am 51 and still have my period. For the past several years they have been extremely heavy and last 7 days. I recently started bleeding between periods (one month I bleed lightly the entire month). I also have extreme cramping one or two days during my cycle. My primary doctor attributed the symptoms to my age (she thought I might be going through menapause even though I have a period every month). My question is, does anyone know if polyps should be "taken care of". I have been through so much the past 4 years that if possible I would prefer to just let this be. I know that polpys have a very low percentage of being cancerous. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Hi, So sorry to hear about your loss. Head and neck cancer is pretty traumatic. Always tough on the carer, and you are dealing with thyroid cancer as well. I can understand that you just want to be left alone. Not sure if your gyn is talking about hysteroscopy but this is probably what you are calling sono-hist. It is a procedure to examine the lining of the uterus and openings of the fallopian tubes. A biopsy is taken usually. It is a day procedure so you come home after it is done. It would be wise to investigate the heavy bleeding and pain and put your mind at ease. If the endometrium is thickened it can cause the heavy bleeding. There is plenty of good information about this on cancer.org. If the pathology results are all clear then you can continue to look after yourself and get on with your life. Hope you stay well,

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Georgia, thank you for the information on the website. I will definitely research. I am just really struggling with proceeding forward with testing. I am not sure that I really need to? From what I have read, polyps are not usually cancerous. The symptoms do not bother me anymore (I have dealt with them this long) and if this is the only reason for further testing, I would prefer not to. Thank you again for your reply.

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I had polyps removed from my uterus prior to menopause and they were not cancerous. It was a very easy procedure done right in the surgery wing of my doctor's office. The reason was very heavy blooding and "flooding." But a few years later I was diagnosed with UPSC, and now I am awaiting a biopsy on my thryoid as well. Any connection? I doubt it, but I have learned to ask questions.


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Condolences over the loss of your husband and your own personal battle...you have been through alot...

My Uterine cancer was diagnosed through a polyp removal. I would recommend removal if the doctors suggest it. Mine came out through a D/C.

Hopefully once removed, the outcome will be a good one for you and then you can stop worrying about it!

Just my 2 cents, stay in touch!


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