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Hi! I usually visit the anal cancer board as I am a survivor, diagnosed in November 2005. Went through a long hard battle with that cancer and just a year ago the oncologists released me. I wound up with a permanent colostomy and other problems. The reason I'm here is for the past few months I've been very fatigued, losing weight, dizzy and so on. Then last night I started urinating blood with clots in it, very painful. Went to the doctor and I do not have an infection, they've scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday and have plans for me to see an urologist for a citoscope. (sorry if I misspelled) At this point the doctor really hasn't said what the possiblities are, but after doing some research on my own I AM SCARED!!! Am I freaking out to soon? Are my doctors following the correct course of action? Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Dee,
I am an 11 yr. survivor of bladder cancer. Please don't jump to any conclusions as it takes so much energy when you do that it becomes exhausting. Just wait until your cystoscope and see what's going on. Cystos aren't much fun but at least they don't last but a few minutes. You may be worrying needlessly and I'll be thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way.

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I was reminded just to breathe! Thank you for responding so quickly. And your good thoughts are very much appreciated.

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the unknown is the scariest ...waiting to find out the facts is torture
once you know..you can take on a plan of action...

23 yr survivor ..lost bladder and kidneys
..... "Baggies make better Lovers"

...and....remember ...double baggies have twice the fun

...cheers .... Art

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I'm freaking out!! I just got home from work and after an appointment with his doctor due to blood and clots in his urine am told his doctor thinks he has bladder cancer. I don't know what to say to him. I have told him to not freak and to wait to see what the tests say but it sounds so pathetic to my ears. I just don't know how to console him... I think that it is advanced. I wante him to go to the doctor long ago after he had problems with urgency and small narrow stools I thought it might be an enlarged prostate. Now it seems like all my fears have come true 10 fold. Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel so bad but need some advice..

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..... can't worry about a non-fact..

.....get the facts ....then work with doc to format a plan for a solution

.....at this stage .....the odds that, whatever they think it is, will be fatal
are less than that of crossing the street.

....cancer ( especially of the bladder ) is no longer considered terminal

...just be supportive of him, talk about both your feelings ....

.....avoiding the subject is a formula for a destructive emotional crash

for both of you.

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I am providing a website address that you might want to visit. It is the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network and you'll get the answers and support to all of your questions. Many bladder cancer survivors on this site all the time. Simply copy and paste into your browser address bar.


I had my bladder removed due to bladder cancer on June 30, 2010 and am doing fine. It was advanced and staged at 3a.

Wish you well.
C U,

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