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slurring words

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Joined: Oct 2011

has anyone heard of slurring words during chemo?

Brenda Bricco
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Joined: Aug 2011

Yes! My husband did, I noticed it right away the fist week he started chemo. :/ It really worried me but he stopped when he finished his chemo.

Posts: 43
Joined: Oct 2011

my dad said today at his office he was talking to someone and said he started slurring and couldn't get the words out...it went away quickly but i wanted to see if anyone else had this happen...what chemo was your husband on? he is now on xeloda and irinocetan..(spell)

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

It was folfox and avastin... it didn't help that is was just a week after the diagnoses. That was the most difficult time, so afraid of what was going to happen. It's strange how you start to absorb and learn to live with this horrible disease. Give my best to your Dad and God bless you both.

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When I was on Irinotecan. I would slur for the first day then it got better. No long term effects though.

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for sure I slurred on oxy....


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I'm right behind, Phil - same here - usually set in near end of infusion and into the evening. Like talking with your mouth closed was how it was. It's weird.

Just like Phil said - got it regularly on chemo days and then it seemed to go away.


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Are you sure it wasn't the Mary Jane?!!! :-)

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I slur on Oxy also. Just the first few days after infusion., and not all the time.


Posts: 43
Joined: Oct 2011

thanks for letting me know..my mom was a little nervous...i told her to join here..u get such great responses! i never heard of slurring before..thanks again...you might see a lot of me in the future...

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And trying to get out what I was wanted to say was hard. It's normal and that's something the doctors dn't tell you either.


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My wife Laurie would tease me. (We both work with computers where syntax and semantics are important.) I would mispronounce words, or say words out of order in a sentence. Laurie would tease me, and I would just tell her I only went to the State University. (We went to the same University.) The slurring ended with chemo. I am 6 months out of Chemo and my head is clearing the numbness is going away. It does get better!

Best Always, mike

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i did when i was on oxy and also at the time of infusion while taking irritatecan but then it would go away....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hi there... I had an issue with slurring. I spoke to my onc about it and he switched one of the medications I was taking for side effects. As soon as we made the switch there was no more slurring.

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i do all the time! i feel like an idot trying to talk to the nurses!

Posts: 43
Joined: Oct 2011

thanks all for responding...i guess this is one of the side effects..this is the first time so will watch next chemo round...few more before scan...hope those cancer cells shrunk away....

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