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just wondering

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i was just wondering what everyones thoughts are on this: do you guys think that those who have died on this board now see and know eachother?
My answer is yes, most definately!
what does everyone else think?

Brenda Bricco
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I guess my knee jerk reaction is yes but then the thought that strikes me is that they aren't too worried about what went on down here or is going on now. God promises wonderful things in heaven, perfect things! No sadness of any kind so although we are still missing them they know how it all turns out. :) Fun question... ;)

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"....do you guys think that those who have died on this board
now see and know each other?"

Ya'know... the thought of bumping into some certain people in the
"afterlife", and for all eternity, really, really scares the bejesus out of me.

If that's gonna' be the case..... I do not want to go!

But to answer you seriously?

No, I don't think so. Dead, is really that: DEAD.

When they put you "under", do you see your old pals?

It's a difficult concept to accept, because the brain does not
want to compute the finale'; it will not accept that life ends, and
instead, it will generate all sorts of possibilities of continuing on.

The downside is, that people that feel that "life never ends",
seem to put off being what they could be, and doing for others
what they could be doing. They seem to figure that there will
always be another day, another tomorrow... another day to
make up for lost time.

Once we're gone, or our loved one is gone, only their spirit
will remain alive in the minds of those that cared.

Death is just that; death.

If we would accept that, perhaps we would live our lives as
we should be living our lives, and caring about those that need
caring for while we and they are alive to appreciate it.

Life's short, as all of here seem to know all too well.

Live it now, dammit.

My best,


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Can I suggest moving this thread to the spirituality board. It is an interesting subject, and I bet you would get lots of answers there.

As the author, you just need to hit the edit button and it should produce a menu.

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Why not? I think it's totally possible. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed as they say in science, it just changes form. I certainly don't believe it's lights out when we die. Just WHAT happens, I don't know...
There is another forum on this site called Spirituality, Prayer, and Meditation. This is similar to a thread I started a while ago asking What Do People Think Happens to "US" After We Die?

The post has 209 replies but I don't recall if anyone brought up whether we will see other members. You may want to copy your post over there too since they get members from ALL forums there. I'm not suggesting that you delete this post at all, just make a copy so more people can chime in.
Great question Amy...

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I don't want to get too far into religion, because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I will say that when Bill had the sudden cardiac arrest, he had a near death experience. He did not see anyone in his life who has already passed away, but he did say it was so very peaceful and beautiful. Although he didn't want to leave me and the kids behind, he would have been very content to stay where he was. I find that comforting and kind of hurtful at the same time, you know?


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My understanding is that if they chose to go with God and live eternity in heaven, then yes they would have communion with each other. If, however, they chose to reject that which God offers, then I don't know what the situation is in that other place--I think it is an eternity of total isolation from others and from God.

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If we are to believe that all innocent souls go to "heaven",
then all the small insects, bugs. and roaches, chickens, pigs,
fish, and steer that also had been created as we had been,
will be there in "heaven" awaiting our arrival!

That certainly sounds like a very uncomfortable party, to me!

Perhaps the "other direction" might be a bit more peaceful?

"Dust to dust; ashes to ashes"

Why is it so difficult to accept?


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I happen to be quite fond of chickens and pigs!

Dust to dust and ashes to ashes is the "direction" for all of us. None escape the death of the body.

Why not accept that the death of the body is the end? Because I don't believe that it is true. That is not what God has shown us and since I believe in God, I trust what he tells us. And, no, I was not brainwashed as a child. My parents are atheist and basically agnostic. Came to this belief as an adult.

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as most of us believe in your natural therapy theory rejected by the estern science as well !.

Brenda Bricco
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Joined: Aug 2011

The orgin of ashes to ashes, dust to dust is the bible (Genisis 3, somewhere). I must say that is the first time I have ever heard someone quote the bible while trying to convince someone that it is a ridiculous to believe in the bible. I believe EVERYONE is entitled to believe what they believe. I happen to believe that the bible was inspired by GOD, you do not have to follow me but does someone really need to mock it? if you are so sure that there is nothing to come then what good is it to say such things? This is just my honest reply, not trying to offend anyone, don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them feel I am preaching. Just commenting... GOD Bless

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Yes, think of all of those chickens who didn't make it across the road.
They're people too...


Posts: 372
Joined: May 2011

I have had many fine conversations with my chickens over the years--not!!! Jake's method of communicating was to carry an ax through their yard saying, lay or else!!!

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Joined: Jun 2010

I agree. Disagree Respectfully!

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As you feel closer to this section of the board because of your sister, please post where you want too.

I remember Eric talking about a dream he had about Donna, they were both skating together, they both passed on in the same year. Those who have religion in their lives like to think there is a place where we all go to, call it heaven or whatever. Those of a science nature will tell you that there is no place, and when you die that is it.

So I say yes, as I have religion in my life I believe those that have known each other from the board will get to hang out with each other in the after life.

Hope you are doing ok, and your sister's daughter is well.

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John, I love you, I really do, with my whole heart and "SOUL", but Brenda's reply was just TOO GOOD.
Hugs to all

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Yes, I believe they will know each other in heaven. I do believe our bodies turn to ash, but our soul lives on in heaven with our creator.


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I allow everyone their beliefs and I look down upon no one for their beliefs, I RESPECT each persons beliefs and I encourage you to have your own beliefs, I have studied many religions and have a deep interest in them. But I push my beliefs on NO ONE and wish that same respect held toward John and any and all Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Christians and every other belief out there. We have worked too hard on surviving our cancers and trying not to die, to decide we no longer care for and be prejudiced towards a person because they don't hold your beliefs to be the one and "true" way to the Lord or to Mohammad or to Jesus Christ or so on and so on.
I truly wish this had been posted on the religious discussion board, where it truly belongs.
So I'm going back to fighting cancer right now, and will leave you all to your religious discussions about whose going to Heaven or Hell or whatever you believe, and if you all find world peace, let me know would you?

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