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Tumor shrinkage, woooooohooooooo!!

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Joined: Mar 2011

Ok here it is. Good news for ONCE!!! Brain tumor gone, check! Lung tumor half the size it was, check! And now we wait for the latest staph infection to GO AWAY so that my mom can get the bone tumor out of her shoulder! AAAGGGGHHHHH!! She is doing very good at the moment. The antibiotics they gave her are finally doing their job. She hardly takes the pain meds anymore. So she is gettin there! GO MOM, YOU ROCK!!!!! Oh and CANCERCANKISSIT!!!


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That's fabulous news. So very happy for your Mom and you. This is the kind of news we love to hear..... Best wishes .... Dan

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Great news. Enjoy the weekend!

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Glenna M
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It all sounds very encouraging!!! Enjoy the weekend :)

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Hey, Deb. That is indeed great news. I never fail to feel better after reading some great news about somebody beating the beast. I wish you continued success with your Mom.


sleepless in jersey
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Way to go !
Keep it going...

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Joined: Apr 2011

how wonderful. how haappy this makes us all.

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That's great news. Continue in that positive direction.

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That is wonderful wonderful news Deb! What a road you both have been on! I am so glad that she is feeling better and praying that the present infection goes away. Stay strong and give that woman a HUG for me. God bless. Cheryl

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mcflii! And glad to finally be able to put a face to the name - It makes everything more personal! Besides, I didn't think I should keep picturing Marty roaring down the road in Doc's DeLorean, doesn't seem appropriate for the site :)
May it continue to go well,

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Awesome news!

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