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hair hair hair - nowhere

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the other day i was going on a trip and i forgot that i lost all my hair and i start looking for my hair brush -so sudunly one tought comes to mind - OOO WHO CARES I WILL WALK WITH MY HAIR UN DONE :)and then i remember ...ooooooo i dont have any hair and start laughfing
the other one was i forgot to cancel my waxing appointment :) my mom thinks this is a dark no hair humor hahah

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Trying to copy a link for you but it will not work for some reason, will try again

Sorry about that

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Oh, you need to read my comment I posted on "Not really humor but..." thread, or something close to that! No one outside the family got our cancer humor, it was my kids way of dealing with a scary situation. Hope all is well as can be...You know, hair is not very important, in the big scheme of things, is it? Kim

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My D-I-L shared this with me. She excitedly woke my son up and said "Look, I have a hair" (one 3" strand of hair on the side of her head). He rolled over, looked at it, said "looks like a comb over is in order". Rolled back over and went back to sleep.

She and I got a real good laugh out of that....

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Okay...THAT was funny hahahahaha!

Take care,


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Thanks I needed that laugh.


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lol really lol hahahaa

Daniel Bryan
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LOL Laughing

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