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10 yrs Stage III Still kickin'!

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Hello all you wonderful Semi-Colons!

Yesterday was my 10 year I HAVE LIVED BEYOND CANCER anniversary day. Just wanted to pop in here to give hope and encouragement to everyone on this journey.

I remember well the intense fear and foreboding that accompanied my cancer diagnosis, not to mention the feelings of isolation that come with being diagnosed with colon cancer at 39 years old. If it hadn't been for these boards, I honestly don't know how I would have walked through this otherwise.

This cancer gig has taught me a lot about living for which I am grateful. Life lessons worth learning come at a price. I have witnessed much from many of you on here....perseverance and resilience, grace and humility, kindness and caring, love and friendship.

The gift I want to impart on others is one of hope. If your doctors aren't giving you the answers you're looking for--look elsewhere BUT JUST KEEP SEARCHING for your answers. Exhaust other avenues--the alternative route is the one that worked for me to get me to this point. There are no guarantees in life, and I cannot say for certain that cancer won't get me in the end, but the quality of my life has never been better.

And how I got here is what I've been sharing on these boards for the past 10 years:

Juice your veggies
Say goodbye to processed foods, refined sugars and grains forever
Avoid stress
detox your life as well as your body
look into the gluten/intestinal cancer connection
balance your pH


eat as much green as you can

I lift my carrot juice to you all this morning and look forward to celebrating your 10 year survival as well!

peace, emily

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Good morning Emily ...congratulations on the 10 years and thank you for sharing your wonderful words. They are so encouraging and leave a smile with me.

peace love & happiness, gail

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You go girl, cant wait to actually meet you in October! It will be a blast!!!


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The sign your baby girl is holding says it all "YOU ROCK" I'm with Beth on meeting you at CP9...can't wait! Congrats and take care...


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Hi Emily, this is indeed great news and gives me a lot of hope. I also opted for the "GREEN" way and I feel great. Although I am just starting out on this road.
In 10 years I hope to write something along these same lines.
Thanks for sharing,

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Ive only been on the board for a few months, but have learned so much from you, Scouty and others. My husband and I started changing our diet a few years ago. We changed our diet even more since reading all the posts. We think our diet has made the side effects from chemo much easier for my husband. Please continue to keep the information coming.

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If I had any $$ green $$ left I'd eat it!
I've very happy to hear about how long you've been in the game and how well you've done. You are living proof that there is more than one way to beat cancer. Like you said (and John and others have said it too) "If your doctors aren't giving you the answers you're looking for--look elsewhere BUT JUST KEEP SEARCHING for your answers."

There are no things that are certain in life other than taxes and that other one, but we all can cheat on our taxes and cheat the other one too. A lot of the advice you give is good for anyone really. I'm not sure about giving up ice cream but the others are good. I've been enjoying plenty of nice fresh-grown veggies from my garden this summer.

I'm very proud to call you a friend and again, VERY happy to hear how long you've been ahead of the game. Let's see, a little quick math...lived 10 years beyond cancer, 39 at diagnosis...so you'll have your 20th anniversary of your 29th birthday!
Aren't birthdays the best!
I hope to read this again from you in another 10 years.
you may go even longer if you stop kickin people!

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A long and healthy life my friend,you certainly do rock. Ron.

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You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing that with us.


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I lift my orange carrot juice glass to you! You have inspired many of us to move forward! You have given more than juicy juice information, you gave many of us hope.

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It is wonderful to hear from you (always). Congratulations on your joyful, healthy living the past 10 years. It is great inspiration to read your story again.


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Hey Girlfriend

Congrats and I can't believe we get to celebrate together this year.

I don't think I will ever be able to find the words to thank you for helping me save my life. I do not think I would be alive today if it were not for your consistent threads on doing healthier things to fight the beast.

My sister has my juicer right now but I have been burning up my blender. Just finished putting up my blueberry perserves and syrup sweetened with stevia. Raspberries are next.

My sincere thanks and love to you my dear friend,
Lisa P.

PS. I love being able to say "see you soon"!!!

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I couldnt be happier for you Emily! You gave me a welcome and inspired me when I first came to the board. Wishing you many,many, more years. I will see you in Chicago!


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Hi Emily,

Congratulations on 10 years- wow! Thanks for sharing it with us and giving people hope!
I just got back from a week long cruise where I broke every food rule, had lots of beef and rich foods & enjoyed every minute of it. Now, back to reality and eating right again! I checked my ph this morning and was amazed it's actually still pretty good. Probably from all the stuff I was doing/taking before my trip.
I have now also incorporated taking chlorella daily and had that with me on the cruise also (broken cell wall chlorella for maximum absorption). Taking that and spirulina I believe is what has kept my blood counts and platelets at such a good level (completely in the normal zone in spite of continuing chemotherapy- my onc has been amazed at how good my levels have been!).

Cheers, Emily!

Lisa :)

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I plan on celebrating with many of you in Chicago! YIPPEE!!

Lisa--when I had my initial pow-wow with a woman who cured her son of his "terminal" cancer through juicing, I'll never forget what she said in regards to diet, "sometimes you have to feed your soul as well." We all have to feed our souls from time to time as long as it's not a daily habit. No one surely can fault you for wanting to go on a cruise and enjoy a "normal" diet.

Keep juicing everyone!

peace, emily

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My mother underwent the surgery for - Stage 3c Colorectal cancer.

And she has completed her first chemo and then radiation 3 weeks back . Her 2nd chemo is due this week and she needs to start by 26th.

But she wants to delay the chemo by 1 week and wants to start from 2nd september.

Is that ok? Can we delay the chemo by 1 week? Is it a risk ?

Please suggest ..Thanks in advance.

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You REALLY do rock! You have been such an inspiration. Can't wait to meet you in person and share a juice or two.

Hugs, my friend,

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Will you be there? I'm not remembering everyone who's signed up but that will be wonderful! I'm not bringing my juicer to Chicago, but glad to know you're juicing!

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Just looking at your healthy, happy face always makes me smile. So thrilled for your many years of health!


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*hugs* back!

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Being newly diagnosed stage III at 41, I LOVE your post. Thank you! I'm already on board with veggies, whole grains, no sugar, etc., but I need to find out what the pH stuff is about. I'm learning so much. Thanks for sharing.

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Wrote a good resource for pH info.

You may want to look into the gluten / intestinal cancer connection if you're still eating grains. Just a thought.

Dangerous Grains by Dr. Braly

Also, if you can find the book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr you won't be sorry. She has a website as well. Hugely inspirational. And while you're at it, Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil is another one of my favorites.

Glad to help.

peace, emily

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wow 10 years !!!!'
that is awesome.
glad to hear you are well
here's to another 10 years and beyond.
all the best

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Nana b
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That's wonderful! I am following in your footsteps girl! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Keep it going!

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Joined: Dec 2001

Right back at ya friend!



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Praise the LORD!!!!!!! Thanks for your inspiring words Emily. I'm ordering a juicer for my husband today!!

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What did you end up ordering? You won't be sorry!

Happy Juicing!


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I got it today so excited to try it! We got an Omega 8006. Now I just have to figure out what fruits and veggies are most benificial. Any suggestions??

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I also bought a juicer for my husband a month ago.
Thanks again....Linda

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Hope you're liking it.


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Love it.....it is a way of life for us now.
We bought a used champion on craigslist.
Can't thank you enough for all the information.
I read quite a few older posts.

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congratulations on 10 years and many more, i'll have a juice toast to you at breakfast.


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Lisa Rose
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Emily, you are an inspiration to us all - you simply Rock!
Now almost ten years later were going to meet in Chicago at CP9 - very cool!

Lisa Rose

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Can you hardly believe it??! After all these years. WOOHOO!

Thanks for you kind words.

See ya in October!

peace, emily

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and Thanks!

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Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me. I am doing the chemo route but also juicing, exercising everyday and working with a naturopathic doctor. I must go back and read more about your personal choices . . . . I have learned so much this past year, but there is still so much learning to do! Wishing you continued health and happiness!!

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As soon as I heard the words "you have cancer" I completely changed my diet. No more beef or pork, nothing fried, and no sugar. I made it through chemo, radiation and two surgeries. I have been cancer free for almost two years now. I really wanted to get into juicing but it kind of scares me. I had a tumor in my rectum and had my rectum removed and a new one made out of my colon. I had a temporary illiostomy and after the reversal surgery I have to be very careful what I eat or I have problems. I work full time and I find not eating much helps me get through the day. I'm afraid if I juice I will spend all day in the bathroom. Any advice you could give me would be appreciated. I know that nutrition and exercise is the key to success and I know that will hit the 10 year mark too.

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A big congratulations! Like Dabaker, I am interested in knowing more about juicing. I am in a different phase of treatment for rectal cancer, a beginner so I don't have the issues mentioned of handling foods post surgery and ileostomy but I do still have IBS (one reason I didn't know I had cancer), and worry that juicing would cause more diarrhea plus I am looking at the surgery and ileostomy in the coming months. Anyway, any thoughts or advice would help. I have also changed my diet and am looking at ph levels of foods I consume.

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How wonderful to hear that it's been 10 years. You look Maaavuulus, darling! >.grin>>

Lifting my glass to you!

Claudia......oh and......."chew the damn juice"

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Thanks you! That's right, girl, chew the juice! ;-)

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Can't wait to celebrate your anniversary in Chicago! Congrats!!

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One Year and six months since DX.

The only green foods I like are Green M&Ms and Green Jello.

I am Doomed :(

PS great news that you have done so well over the last ten years. Thanks for sharing your great attitude.

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OH HOW THIS CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!!! Get with it Marqimark we need your humor on there for a loooooong time!! lol Stephanie

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