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Sorry for the lack of posting on topics but I've been experiencing so many deaths of people that I'm associated with. My sister in law died on the 4th, my friend died on the 3rd, my sister in laws mother died on the 31st my friends mom just died on the 25th. I'm an emotional reck. We are leaving in the morning for the funeral of my sister in law's mother. This is four deaths in such a short time. Three from lung cancer and one from pancreatic cancer. Sorry to be so negative but I'm struggling with all this right now and trying to figure out why.

Hugs! Kim

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That is a lot to deal with. I am so very sorry for the pain. I will pray, for that is all that i know to do. joan

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Kim, That is indeed a lot of dying in a few weeks time. And some close to home. So sorry for you and indeed difficult to deal with, sorrow in the family is never easy.
However,try not to feel to down, we all know we need to be positive, mourning some one you love and care for is natural, but for a cancer patient we need to be positive.
Therefor I wish you strength, and a BIG hug comes your way,

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No one should have to go through all you and your family have in the past month.

Hugs to you.

I hope the rest of the year goes much better.

Stay strong

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I think your struggle is normal. Sending hugs and hoping you're getting lots.

I've not had as many deaths as you but am reeling from 2 deaths of people close to me in July. I can relate to the inability to work with words.

all the best, Leslie

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Oh, Kim. I'm so sorry. That's so much to try to handle! And if you're like me, every time I hear the word cancer, my whole body tenses up. Praying for peace for you.


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Dang...sorry for all the loss. Hugs to you my friend.


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Oh Kim that is so hard. Incredible for all of you who have lost friends and family. I'm praying for you.


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so sorry for all you are going thru.that is alot to deal with all at one time.i will be thinking of you.pm me if you need to talk....Godbless...johnnybegood

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"Sorry to be so negative but I'm struggling with all this right now and trying to figure out why."

Never apologize for being in poor spirit, and it's not hard to figure out WHY.. four losses due to cancer, and you're a cancer survivor? It's absolutely understandable!

Thoughts and prayers going up for you Kim. Take care of yourself

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hi kim,

so much death due to cancer, hard to get it off your mind.

i guess the funerals are a part of your life, i hope you get
some closure and peace.


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Don't know what to say but really understand you!
Big hug!

Fight for my love
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Hi Kim,I am so sorry for your loss.It is really tough for so many loss in such a short time.You and your family are in my prayers.Take care.

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sorry Kim about all your loved ones. Cancer sucks and NOBODY should ever die from it. One day there will be a cure and I pray it will be while all my friends here and abroad with cancer live to see it. Remember don't let cancer control you....you control it. Fight like hell. Love and take care.

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OMG, you must be in shock. That is so much to handle. Please take a few moments and breathe and try to gather your courage, strength, and try to reach some inner peace so you can deal with these losses.

My prayers are with you.

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