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not really humor but...

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I know its not really humor but

When I was told I had thyroid cancer I was told many things

"it is a good cancer"
"you won the cancer lottery"
"if i could have a cancer that would be the one I would choose"
"well at least it isnt a bad cancer"

I know each and every cancer has its good and bad points but all those quotes plus alot more came from medical professionals.

I know they were trying to make me feel better about it.

I have also heard there are other cancers that medical says are "good cancer"

so far the best comback I have come up with is "well if its such a good cancer I know where the frozen section is stored we can transplant it to you"

I just dont know what to say when they try to chear me up with its a good cancer though... I have many other serious medical issues that came up around the same time some caused by it and others may be related and some not related. but right now I am a 40 year old man who is basicaly un-embloyable for full time work (debilitating vertigo). and most insurance companies wont touch me without alot of exceptions to the pollicy.

Some days I need humor just to cope with this "good cancer" (oh I am a year out and clean scan so yea) but unless they can fix all the other medical issues that came up at the same time I am not going to be able to work again. I am being retired from the Military after 20 years service with the yep your broke comment.

to find work I will need to find a job I can do indoors where i dont have to do much moveing so data entry sounds like the ticket.

Today I need some humor.

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I think all cancer is bad cancer and to say at least it not the bad cancer is soooo wrong no one want cancer. I am 45 years old and have ovarian cancer and also can not work I am losing my job of 5 years that I just love so I will be praying for you


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if someone read all of ouer life story we all definatly sound like a bad i mean realy bad country song :)(nothing against country )...we lost the hair ..we gain/lose the pounds ...we lost /change the job so ...yep it is called a good cancer beacause you are still here ...mine is good to (very well behaved do :)) i cant train him yet to stop growing bad bad cancer ..:)
so put your head up and say good good cancer -i hope you find new job and the inshurence companiees dont bug you
have a good day my frend :) and smile at least i hope i did

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Yeah, when I was in school, I studied the thyroid and remember reading about thyroid cancer. I remember thinking, yeah but...a synthetic thyroid hormone pill, every day for the rest of your life? That wouldnt be fun...Cant take away your cancer or give you your military career back, but I can try to make you laugh...I have 6 kids, who were 16, 15, 15, 14, 7 and 5 when I was diagnosed. My 3 teen boys had no mercy. They threw my fake boobs around like footballs, fought over who got to sleep with them, one even walked up to me once in public, yelled to his friends, "Hey, watch this!" Grabbed both my fakies, gave them a big squeeze, and said, "I just felt up my own mom..." They wore my wig around, pretended to be Joe Dirt with a mullet. They invited their friends in the house when they knew I wasnt wearing the wig, and encouraged everyone to rub my head for luck before their ballgames. I finally gave up trying to take cancer seriously around my crew. Even my youngest, who saw me changing after a surgery once, gave me no relief. I had the bilateral mastectomy scars on my chest, and I had a new incision just below my naval, going all the way across my abdomen. He said, Hey mom, you wont ever be sad again, you have a big smiley face on your body! I need to tell you, the same son that teased me so much, was the one who got my 5 year old ready for school every morning when I was too sick from chemo -- without being asked. He also flew across the country and drove me around in a strange big city when I had to have surgery there, because he had the best grades in school and could afford to miss a few days. And my sweet teen daughter got the younger girl ready, did so many chores, even cleaned up my vomit and worse during the roughest times. She got the best prom dress I could afford after that!
Here is another funny. I tried hard to look normal when we went in public, because it made my kids feel better. And when you lose every hair on your body and your fingernails too, thats a challenge. One day at a restaurant, the waitress kept looking at me funny as she took my order. As she walked off, I muttered, Whats her problem? and the older kids burst out laughing. I had a fake eyelash plastered to my forehead, and a fake fingernail on my chin, and the kids had not even told me!
Dont take it so seriously, look at it as the ultimate adventure! It got to where I would say, Wonder whats gonna fall off of me today? Or, oh boy, another freaky side effect I didnt expect! It all gets better, and if it doesnt, you can always find someone in worse condition when you hang out at the cancer center!

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Soblest6 that was great!! I was laughing and crying at the same time! Those children are a true blessing! I always feel like my humor is inappropriate because cancer is so serious, but your boys make me look like a lamb!

And Nasher, I agree there is no good cancer. That's an oxymoron if I heard one. And if someone tells you it's a "gift", don't invite THEM to your party!

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Hi soblest I have 3 kids and 4 grandkids and I guess the most importance thing in having C is being able to laugh about it and still enjoy the things in life.

Wishing you the best

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