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To; Stayingcalm & to all who posted the mms

rarph123 Member Posts: 64
Thank all of you who helped me, What you all said was right and I guess some of us act a little crazy with thinking of trying to heal our selves with any thing on the market.
Told the Dr. about trying this product--I am moving forward with treatment plans of cemo& radatin and again thank you.

I am in my third week of treatments now and I find strength reading your post


  • stayingcalm
    stayingcalm Member Posts: 650
    Thank YOU
    For telling us, Rarph, it was worrying!
    I hope your treatment goes well.
    Take care :)
  • Glenna M
    Glenna M Member Posts: 1,576
    Good to hear
    Glad to hear you are receiving chemo and radiation again. Was worried when I read about the mms. We are all desperately searching for a quick and easy solution but unfortunately there are none...yet.

    Keep posting so we will know how you are.

    Stay strong,