To; Stayingcalm & to all who posted the mms

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Thank all of you who helped me, What you all said was right and I guess some of us act a little crazy with thinking of trying to heal our selves with any thing on the market.
Told the Dr. about trying this product--I am moving forward with treatment plans of cemo& radatin and again thank you.

I am in my third week of treatments now and I find strength reading your post


  • stayingcalm
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    Thank YOU
    For telling us, Rarph, it was worrying!
    I hope your treatment goes well.
    Take care :)
  • Glenna M
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    Good to hear
    Glad to hear you are receiving chemo and radiation again. Was worried when I read about the mms. We are all desperately searching for a quick and easy solution but unfortunately there are none...yet.

    Keep posting so we will know how you are.

    Stay strong,
  • rickburn
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    I took MMS when I had cancer in about 2009.I had no insurance when I found out I had it. While trying to find an oncologist who would work with me I took MMs daily after reading online what it would do. It did what it said. I found an ocologist after a few months and had chemo and radiation therapy, but I took MMs, oleander extract, DMSO externally(rubbed it on my thighs), and even baking soda mixed with maple syrup to get it down up to raise my ph until the day before I started chemo. I think it helped clean my blood like it said it would. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma when I saw my oncologist, but I knew before hand when I went to an ear, nose , and throat guy who looked at me like I was a walking deadman when I walked into his office and said you need to go to an oncologist before I even sat down because of my swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I went thinking I had a bad ear infection or something, but after that I started doing research online and found them, MMs, Oleander extract, DMSO, and the baking soda, thinking I had to do something while looking for an oncologist. I'm still alive and I think MMs helped. I had a great oncologist, too. If you have radiation therapy, have the minimum you can. My life today is a lot of dealing with radiation side effects. My radiation was to my nose and throat so I had Cataracts, which they said I might get, but I also have almost non existent saliva glands on my left side, deaf on the left, trouble with my tongue feeling numb, having trouble swallowing, had six teeth fall out, and had to get a piece of steel put in my jaw when a fell and broke my jaw because the bone wasn't healing fast enough due to radiation damage.