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what are your thoughts about death and what happens when we die, i khow what the bible says, but when death is staring you in the face its different,and i,m really scared,i am not as positive in any more, people tell me absent in body is precence in the lord,but they have'nt died my faith that i have beleived all my life, i am begining to lose my faith, and i am getting very depressed. i was scuttlebug, and aftr my computer was put in the shop i could,nt remeber the password,so i used one it suggested blessings denise

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I bumped the post up so you can check out what I said and others said.
I think that faith can be a wonderfully powerful thing to have. It can be very comforting. Try not to lose yours.

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I too was once afraid of death, but like you I studied the Bible for myself and found that it teachers that Death is nothing more than a sleep. And when Jesus comes back for us he will shout and with the voice of the archangel will call for all who went to sleep in faith to arise and to live with him forever. That is how I read of what death is and if you study the Bible for cover to cover you will see the truth of what it teachers.

Don’t be afraid he will be there when you call

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