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Just got pathology results...

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I made it through the initial discover via ultrasound. I made it through the CTs, MRIs, Biopsies, the diagnosis of RCC (clear cell) and finally, a radical nephrectomy (lap). I did ok through all of it, didn't freak out too much, am now healing pretty well from my surgery exactly 2 weeks ago. But yesterday my surgeon called me with the pathology results and now I am freaking out. Grade 2, Stage T3a. I know it could be worse (couldn't it always?) But as I try to do my research on what these results mean, I just get more and more scared. I know there's really nothing left to do but live as healthy a life as I can, and get my "every 4 months" scans. But with the results, it suddenly seems more real than it ever has. On the one hand, my doctor said "We think you are cancer free, and we think you are going to stay that way." Why don't these words comfort me?

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Perhaps this link can help you with your pathology report. www.snamid.org/NCCN23.PDF
It has some good info regarding stages and treatments. I'm not sure how old it is.
I'm grade 2 stage T3b.. 2 years past surgery now, CT scans every 6 months.
If it helps, Ive heard of persons in this stage that are 10 years past surgery. So there always a chance I may die from something else...I hope that doesn't sound too morbid. keep the faith fellow survivors.

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Yes, it does help to hear about people 10 years past surgery at that stage! That's exactly the kind of thing I want to hear... thanks and good luck.

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I went along with adjuvant chemo thinking honestly that the nightmare was gone. In April, the nightmare returned in spades. Now, I am wondering if I am going to make 50 and what will my QoL be during that time. In addition to going through IL2 treatments and hoping that it is working, I can feel changes in my body that make me know that it is still there but I am in control of what I am doing about it and making active decisions about it. I have changed my diet in a major way, am reading about what is the best thing to do and staying active through IL2 treatments.

Take control of your health and make sure to get any changes in your health status checked as soon as possible. Taking control of your situation and be on top of it. Of course, eat healthy but really, RCC is a strange beast and is unpredictable. Don't worry, that isn't good either, just be vigilant and in control.

When it comes to the web for research, most information is "Worst Case". If I were to worry about the stories I heard about IL2 treatments, I might not have done it. My experience was not even close to what people have reported as the hospital staff is now very good at controlling side effects that everyone reported having even 5 years ago. Turn off the web and focus on you as YOU will have a different experience than the worst cases reported on the web. I began to spiral into that too and can tell you that some information is good, too much is really bad, especially when it is all doom and gloom!!!!

Most of all, this experience has taught me to cherish every moment regardless of how I am feeling... Take care of yourself

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My initial path report was Stage 2, T1 - 6.5 cm. in size.

Had an open radical nephrectomy and all followup indicated that I was tumor free and according to my initial staging, I should have remained that way.

Mine did return nearly 5 years later but happy to say it was discovered early due to close followup, was surgically removed, and I have been tumor free for nearly 5 years.

There are no absolutes with RCC - but there are two critical things to remember - be followed closely - and - recurrance does not necessarily mean 'the end'! I'm still here 10 years after the initial diagnosis.

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