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yoo hoo it's me, jj

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Hi all, I am finally heading home from the hospital today. My liver resection was on the 24th.
Surgery went well. It is what comes after.body would not wake up and get rid of the stuff it was aupposed to. so they shoved a balloon up my nose & down my throat.
won't go into gory details, just wanted to check in.as fare as i know they got it all. go back in 10 days for "the talk".
Much sadness on here so sorry, I am just praying for everyone.
Love you Judy

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Joined: Aug 2010

GREAT , everything was fine with your ressection ! please keep posting about your healing and definitive cure!.
Yes Got some sadness here but also lots of hope!. Look at it in this way!.
Have a big hug!

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Hi Judy...glad to hear you are out of the hospital. All that has to happen after surgery in the hospital is so hard to go through. The good news is....(hopefully)....you will get better day by day and week by week. Best of thoughts and prayers to you!

Love, Gail

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to hear you made it thru.i maybe going down that resection road just getting those suckers to shrink right now...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Glad you are on the way home.


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Have been thinking about you and hoping all went well on the 24th. It's nice to see you're "up and around".

Take Care,


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Sounds very promising - know you must be delighted to go home. Best wishes for your recovery.

I hope your meeting with the surgeon will be to your liking:)


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Joined: Mar 2011

Thank you all for your good wishes. I am trying to remain positive, but this is the 3rd time, i've heard,' they got it all! BUT, i will take what I can get and be very grateful.
Positive thoughts to all! & hugs.

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So glad to hear all went well. Praying for you a speedy recovery. I have been wondering about you. Thanks for updating us. Remember...3rd times a charm!!! Hugs...


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Hi Judy,

Glad to hear you got through the liver resection and it's over and you're on your way to healing and recovery! Take it easy and recover well. Yes, as Pepe said, there is sadness but also hope. People here on this board are NED and THAT's what we all need to focus on! Hang in there- hugs to you and prayers for your good recovery-

Lisa :)

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