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"Most Authoritative Report on Colorectal Cancer and Diet Ever Conducted: Links With Meat,Fiber Confirmed"

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at medicalnewstoday.com/releases/226137.php

Also, just came across this site:jco.ascopubs.org

the Journal of Clinical Oncology of ASCO, the current (5/20) issue of which has two items on oxi plus787/ZK222584 (Vatalanib), an experimental drug that didn't seem too promising,,,,Writing is scientific but you can get the gist of it (I think)

Empower her had brief article in resvertatrol and colon cancer:empowerher.com/print/10445679

has item on shiitake mushroom

is interesting,"....why cancee smart drugs may not be so smart" referring to Erbitux and serum EGFR confusion with EGFR

also, an earlier item on "Yervoy", a new drug to rev up immune system:medicalxpress.com/print223894307.html

while Imprime PGG is now going into Phase III:http://it.tmcnet.com/news.2011/05/18/5520245.htm

There's lots of research going on;too bad it takes so long to prove useful.....

Just saw this one on HIPEC at:www.hindawi.com/isrn/surgery/2011/529876/

provides a current list of "Drugs Approved for Colon and Rectal Cancer" by FDA

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my extreme diet does not feel so extreme now, sorry guys but read it and loose weight.
yes I m obsessed about being lean. say 14 kg to go. from 104kg down to 90kg.

the lean super model look is in for us colorectal survivors.

eat well, loose weight and give our bodies a chance. the book "anticancer" not that far off.

here is the million dollar question ?

how long will it take until every onc say in all the western countries sticks to this advice. my guess when hell freezes over.

that the advantage of this site in saving lives, the quick and efficient disseination of life saving info.

hugs to all,

ps anyone else going to join the walking post ?

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re: empowerher.com/print/10445679

The result on resveratrol reported by Dr. Jairam Vanamala and collaborators is interesting, but the dosage level they used is much higher than what I take (30m/day).

"These patients consumed resveratrol at a dose of 0.5 g or 1.0 g per day for eight days before their scheduled surgery to remove the cancer. ... In addition, researchers were able to measure a decrease in tumor cell proliferation by 5 percent after only eight days of dosing."
... "Resveratrol has been found to be safe at doses up to 5.0 g per day, but some individuals experience reversible diarrhea at higher doses. At 1.0 g per day, no adverse effects were noted."


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should be......cancer.gov/cancertopics/druginfo/colorectalcancer/print
for listing of chemo approved by FDA

Usually I agree with much of what Dr Mercola writes about. Today's email from his site slams the American Cancer Society for its connection to industries that he feels cause cancer and because they contribute financial support, the ACS fails to address those companies' policies which may increase the incidence of cancer. Mercola deems this a case of conflict of interests.....Some things to think about...

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Drugs Approved for Colon and Rectal Cancer (listing of chemo approved by FDA)

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Hi Gracie,
Here's a resource that provides info on how to make an html link ...it will work here. I'm using the one labeled "HTML link syntax" :)

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