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STupid CEA keeps rising

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Darn it, was down to 2.1 CEA in Feb, and every three weeks it goes up 2 to 3 points. Now up to 3.2, so Onc is increasing Xeloda to 5 pills in morning 4 pills in evening. This is normal amount for Europeans because they don't eat a lot of bread. Since I don't eat bread either, he thinks this will work fine. If not, then going to have to go back to the oxy and then 5FU. Hoping the extra Xeloda does the trick.
Big Sigh!!
Winter Marie

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Hi WinterMarie,

I know the feeling of the rising CEA- mine is quite out of control- rose this time from 295 4 wks ago to 319 this week. Ugh- don't know what to do at this point- it seems we're already doing everything that can be done.

I know yours is lower, but it's still a concern for you when it goes up. Do remember that "normal" is under 4 (I think my labslip says <3.9 is within normal limits). So, your CEA of 3.2 is technically still within the normal limits. But, it's good that your onc is on top of things & wants to do something to keep it down in the normal range.

Best of luck- let us know how it goes.


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Know that you are concerned about the rising levels but they still are in the normal range. Glad your doctor is looking forward. Hope they can pinpoint what is going on. Are you due for a scan soon? Remember that a lot of things can affect the CEA levels and because it's gone up doesn't mean that the cancer is back. I'm praying for you.


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I am sorry your cea has risen a little. Hopefully it is just a normal fluctuation. I am glad your onc is being careful.

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Yep.... I know this feeling well!!! ...and YA..it sucks!!! I know you are in the "safe zone" but I understand how it still nags at ya! I am glad You and the Onc have a plan in motion. Take care girl


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I posted links some time back, and I'm sure they're still around,
someplace...... It was regarding CEA, and how dying cancer cells
can make it rise.

When anything dies, it releases it's contents. Humans, animals,
etc, defecate, urinate, and generally make a mess upon death.

The article told how so many physicians were taking patients
off a chemical when they see the CEA rising instead of falling,
and how much of a mistake it is to do that.

Oh.... here's the forum where I posted all the links; take a close
read of the last link in that post of mine, I think it'd be worthwhile
to print it out and hand to your oncologist.


When you worry, I worry...... so STOP IT.

Best of health,


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First I read Jennie's post and now yours and then Lisa's comment. As John said "Stop the worrying". I will be the mom and worry for you all, including JBG. She should get her results on Monday.

Luv to all of you,


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Okay Mama, I'll stop it for a moment or two. Sending my "sister" then all the best vibes in the world for Monday's results!!!
Winter Marie

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Shoot John, I would have felt better, but after surgery it went down, down, down, and now up, up, up.
Now you stop worrying I'm the best worry wart in the world, I can do more worrying then you hands down!!!
Love at you man,
Winter Marie

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winter marie

i hope it comes down.
the earliest laws of physics.


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Dear Winter Marie,

I know your frustration and worry. My mum's CEA has been leading my mood to swing. I know we shouldn't take it too serious as there are many other factors that will affect CEA but I just cannot stop myself worrying about it. I fight with my husband because of my mum's CEA. He literally said I was crazy about it!

Wishing you respond well to the change of the dosage and it will go back down again soon!
Take good care and be happy!
Love Dora

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Sorry you're worried about the rise in the CEA, I'm curious about your treatment, do you have to go in for infusions with your chemo. or are you taking pills only? Leena

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I go for infusion of Avastin every 3 weeks as well Leena, only takes an hour.

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Try not to put too much emphasis on it. It's not by any means the end-all as far as one's health goes. Worrying about it probably does more harm than good.

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Sending good thoughts your way on that darn CEA! "Go down CEA....go down!"

Love, Gail

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Don't get very alarmed , hope next control drops 1 point at least!.

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I hope it goes down as well.

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