"Science"? try these on for size......

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Don't know how many of you have tried to read and comprehend articles that are published in "scholarly" ,"professional-type" publications, so I present the following for your amusement or edification(sorry I don't know how to do links and it does take some time to enter this in menu bar).....don't let title scare you too much and after a few sentences that get your head spinning, go to "Discussion" part and try to read that, esp if you've heard of wnt or COX2......i really don't know what most of this article is about...... but it sounds interesting to me.....its at


Try this as well:www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2407/11/154/abstract

(also not an easy read--just another example of "science-speak")

Many sites I've cited here are those that provide summaries or rewrites (medicalnewstoday, for instance)so we can understand stuff that was originally written like the two I present here......

some other interesting items about CRC on the internet lately.........

Imprime PGG may be of use to those with both wild and mutated Kras (medicalnewstoday.com/articles/222984.php)

Zaltrap/afilbercept, designed to block blood supply to tumor, is proving effective...numerous sites

medicalnewstoday.com/articles/223354.php on CTNNB1,obesity and CRC

physorg.com/print219654726.html "The past,present and future of cancer"

The following is deemed one of the most-read articles from the journal "Cell":The Hallmarks of Cancer"


and to all a good day.........steve