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20 month PSA

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Just returned from the Doctor. My 20 month post Davinci Surgery PSA is 0! Next check will be in october at 26 months and if all clear the Doctor is moving me to a yearly cycle. All has been good so far inspite of the positive Margin noted post surgery.

Larry (lewvino)

Robotic surgery 08/12/09 at Vanderbilt, Nashville TN.

Final Path report:

20% of the prostate Involved
Tumor graded at T2C
Pre surgery Gleason 4+3 (7)
Post surgery Gleason after examing the entire prostate modified to 3+4 (7)
Lymph Glands Clear, Positive Margin Noted in Right Apex
Twenty month PSA - 0

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That is excellent news. You've put this thing in your rear-view mirror for another 6 months. You have my best wishes for many many more zeroes!

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It is nice to know about your zeros. I am confident that those "positive margins" were in fact "negative". I hope your continuous diagnosis with no changes, in October and after that.

Cheers to you.

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WOW!! Great news! So happy for you! Want to thank you for sharing the good news and for being so supportive of all of us who have posted our concerns and experiences on this forum.

looking forward to the next ZERO reading.

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Very happy for you Larry


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When I first posted to the CSN PCa forum exactly one year ago today, your compassionate and supportive welcome was very much appreciated. Being greeted with your thoughtful and caring post made a difference for me and my husband.

So happy to read of your continuing good news and great results.

Now go out and do some serious celebrating!!

mrs pjd

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An inspiring report for you! Here's to years of zeros...

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Quite awesome news!! CONGRATS!!

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That's fantastic news Larry. May God bless you with many more zero's.
Odd when we were in school the last we wanted was a zero, NOW we want a ZERO!!!


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Larry --Glad to hear the good news !!! Keep those undetectable readings coming. Your readings were similar to mine, gleason (3+4) 7 and positive margins following davinci surgery in feb-2010. Only difference is that I chose to have adjuvant radiation after the surgery due to the positive margins. So far/so good. Once again, congrats on your good fortune--Dan

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It will be interesting to compare notes with you as time goes on since are cases are similiar. I've chosen to wait and see on the positive margin. Wishing you the best on your journey!


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Congrats Larry! And better yet you get to go to annual PSA test after your next test…that is a huge step.

A wise doctor with PCa that use to comment here and lives in Atlanta stated that in reality your outcome after treatment is “luck of the draw”…

At my 13 month test I am still shooting ZEROs with many “statistically” factors against me…So who knows…

Enjoy the moment and celebrate life

My Prostatic Cancer Staging Summary:

Tumor Type: Acinar with Focal Ductal Differentiation

Gleason Score
Primary + Secondary: 4+3=7
Tertiary: Pattern 5

Location Main Tumor: Prostatic Base
Location Additional Tumor Nodules: Left Apex, Right Apex, Right Mid, Left Mid, and Left Base

Extraprostatic Extension
Focal (<2 Microscopic FOCI): N/A
Established (Extensive): Present and Extensive

Apical Margin: Free of Tumor
Bladder and Urethral: Free of Tumor
Other Surgical Margins: Positive, right mid Prostate

Seminal Vesicles: Positive for Carcinoma
Location, If Involved: Right Seminal Vesicles

Perineural Invasion: Present

Lymphatic/Vascular Invasion: Not Identified

Total Lymph Nodes: 2
Number positive: 0
Tumor Volume Approximately 18%
Tumor (T): pT3b
Metastasis (M): pMX
Nodes (N): pN0

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Great news Larry. It is great to be a zero for a change. Keep it up and Godspeed.
What I forgot to mention in my update is I was rated as T1c.


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Great News Larry, I went for my 6 month in April and the doc decided to wait for the one year mark. I guess he is not worried, but I hardly think about it either.

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Congratulations Larry. I hope to celebrate many more successful outcomes with you and everyone here on CSN.

And to bdhilton....Wow, you are really beating the odds. I have stage T3A N1 PCa with extraprostatic extension and a single positive lymph node on my pathology report. I just celebrated my first RRP post op PSA test result of zero. I hope to follow in your successful footsteps.


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Congratulations to you Larry. May you have many many zeros


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