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cyberknife after whole brain radiatio

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I need some information on side effects of cyberknife after whole brain radiation. I'm hearing that there could be somepretty bad swelling. Can anyone give me more information?

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from what i've read there can be swelling and headaches and long term side-effects may include Radionecrosis (rare though about 3%)

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I wonder why they would use cyberknife to get the tumor, then whole brain radiation?
The whole point of cyberknife is to damage as little of the healthy brain tissue as possible, but then the whole brain radiation damages much more the healthy tissue than that.
I wonder if they could use the cyberknife, then use some sort of "targeted" radiation therapy so as to reduce that possibility.
I read that radiation necrosis affects from 11 to 50% of those receiving whole brain radiation treatment.
My wifes was targeted and she still fell victim to radiation necrosis.
It is WORSE than the cancer.
Ask alot of questions about this radiation therapy.
I did not and I suffer as a caregiver daily with that oversight.

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Most rad onc use wbr as prophylaxis to prevent the "seeds" from growing into tumors.
From what i've read the risk of radiation necrosis increases with chemotherapy and age above 50 years old

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