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Message from Mary " msccolon " to all of us.

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I have come home and in the hands of Hospice as of Monday. Getting everything in order. I don't get on the computer very often now, but I will try to update everybody. The tumors in my abdomen have grown to the point of multiple partial obstructions, which can't be fixed using surgery since my prior surgeries have left so much scar tissue/adhesions. I'm comfortable, and will stay on top of the nausea and pain to be sure I'm comfortable. My family has been coming into town to visit with me, which has been great! My twin, Matt, is coordinating everything for me, he's such a HUGE blessing. I would appreciate if you could pass this info onto the CSN board for me, ok buddy?.

Thank you for reading!

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Mary, I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I am so sorry your tumours have grown to this point. I am glad you are comfortable + have lots of family around, especially Matt to help you with everything. I am thinking of you.

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Dear Mary: I am very very devastated to hear how this all ending...you were always so nice, helpful and kind...you really always gone out of your way to help. I don't know what to wish you though...I should be wishing you "good transition, no pain" but I don't want you to go!!! And therefore I cannot wish that to you! I guess the only thing I can wish for you then is for you to feel how many lives you touched, and how many people love you and always, yes, I said ALWAYS, love you! Please take care of yourself!
Hugs to you,

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Dear Pepebcn,

Thank you very much for your update. Please send my best regards and wishes to Mary. I hope she will be fine...

Please ask her to live happily each day!
Love and hugs

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Hugs Mary thinking of you too.

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Mary it grieves me to hear things have gone this far......I am so sorry Mary. I too am glad that you have Matt there to help you

I continue to picture your wonderful smiling face with your pretty corsage on your shoulder

I send deepest love and sympathy and a hug too


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I pray that God brings you peace in your journey.

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as I read your post. Thoughts and prayers. Keep comfortable as you can and know everyone will be thinking of you. Pat

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Pepe thank you so much for the information

Mary, I am sorry to hear of this turn of events. You have always been such an inspiration. I wish for you all of the comfort you and your family need. HUGS

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Thanks Pepe.

I'm very saddened to hear this. Mary is part of the long term fighting group and has been giving this a go for a long time. Thinking of you, Mary:)


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I have missed you and your smile, courage, sharing and hope you have always given everyone on this board.

I am so sorry to hear of your current situation. I am at a loss for words. May your days now be filled with love of family, friends, comfort and be peaceful for you. I will miss you Mary, very much.

Hugs - Tina

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never a bauble with your dignity, grace, or peace of mind about your situation. You are whom I wish to be, a steady ever vigilant constant that never said never, and strength and courage to do whatever necessary to keep everything at bay. If only we could be as strong as your will and determination is...and yet ever smiling, cutting up, being there in my early dx and helping keep me sane through it all...and you still, steady as a rock. I admire anyone that stands and fights with a bring it on attitude and stays in the ring as long as you have...My love, prayers, and thank yous for being there for me are small in comparison to all you have given to this board, and Im sure to everyone's life you have touched outside of here as well as inside.....may you find your peace in all of this, much love to you and all you stand for......and thank you for being here for all of us...love to you in your journey............Clift

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I'm so sorry to read this today. You were so nice to help me and Mom when we first came on the board. Thank you for that.
We will pray for you.
Linda and Mom

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Oh my, my sweet msccolon, Mary, so beautiful in your yellow dress and corsage and your fabulous smile. Prayers are being sent your way, may you have the best of care and comfort. I shall be thinking of you and sending you my heart and hugs.
Winter Marie

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Damn, this makes my heart feel so sad. Prayers are coming her way :(

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Oh, Mary.

I'm incredibly sad to hear this. You have been such a calm, sweet presence here. I hope your transition will be peaceful.

With love and prayers...


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Mary, I am wrapping my arms around you....can you feel them? Warm and comforting!

You are such a bright spot in my life here on the boards, I wish you nothing but comfort on this journey!

Hugs, Kathi

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Dearest mary,
My kids and I will pray the "hail mary" for you tonight my dear.
I will add you to my miracle list.
I will miss you, I hope your care in the hospice is exceptional.
love pete

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Dear Mary, My hope today is that you are not in pain and that you can enjoy spending some loving time with your family. You were one of the first people to welcome us to this board, and I thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and kindness. May God bless you and your family. Love, Cynthia

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I am sorry I have no words you have helped me threw some diffucult times with angel and i will always be greatful u and your family are in my prayers


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I'm back Mary.....just can't stop thinking about you and wanted to reach out......

reading others' posts made me think

you always have given way way more than you have ever taken

our kind gentle giving one

I wanted to say....I love you Mary


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Hugs !

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Pepe- thank you for passing this info on to us.

Dear Mary- I am very saddened by your news- I have been wondering about you.
Damn this disease! I'm glad you are being blessed by having your twin and other family members around you. Hospice is usually very good, from what I've heard, so I hope and pray that will be your experience. You will not be forgotten- I remember so many of your nice posts and comments in the past.

Love to you,


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Sweet Mary! You are a strong person and have a lot of fight left in you. Keeping you and your family in my prayers

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What a gentle soul you are. You have shared with us so lovingly throughout the years. I will keep you in my prayers.

With aloha,

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I'm sorry to hear the bad news.I will be praying for you.It's good you have someone helping you.

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I'm sorry to hear the bad news.I will be praying for you.It's good you have someone helping you.

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I am new to this forum, but send my prayers your way. May God give you a miracle!

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appreciate your comment. She is a lovely lady ,you'd like her.
Thank you.

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I've always enjoyed your posts. You are a brave, amazing woman. I am praying for peace and comfort for you.

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Nana b
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Mary, I do hope you are at peace. I am so sorry. Blessing!

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Mary so sorry to hear this. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and I want comfort and peace for you and yours. I wish I could give you a big loving hug in person but please accept this cyber one instead ((((((((((Mary))))))))))

Love and hugs, Gail

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For all your encouragement and tenacity in fighting and helping others fight. I'm sorry to hear of your condition it sadens me deeply and am praying for a miracle.

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I'm sorry to hear the bad news.I will be praying for her.

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Thank you for all your words of wisdom. I read you history and you have been through a lot in seven years but always had the time to encourage others.

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