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2nd Lobectomy Friday the 25th

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cb girl
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My husband is having his LLL removed on Friday. He had the RUL removed on Jan. 24th. We are ready, well, as ready as you can be when you know what's coming:-), thanks to all of the great advice and support we got from everybody on this board last time. The tumor is touching the aorta so this surgery is a little more dicey, no VATS for this, but we are hoping the surgeon will be able to peel that bad boy right off of there and take out the lower lobe and we can go for the cure! As they say Go big or go home! and we hope to go home cancer free- of course after a 5-6 day stay at the hospital. thanks for the all of your postings. I gather so much encouragement and hope in our battle against this pain in the a**.

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Good luck to you and your husband both!!! Let's go for the CURE!

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Good luck to him. I will be praying for him. What a hugh battle he has to beat. Take Care

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Good luck to you both. Your attitude is amazing and I am sure goes a long way to keep your husband positive. Here's to successful surgery and a quick recovery.

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Glenna M
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Wishing your husband the best for his surgery on Friday. You sound upbeat and positive...stay that way!!!

Stay strong,

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hope everything goes well .

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Good Luck to your husband on his surgery Friday.

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You are in my thoughts and prayers....

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I will be thinking of you both this Friday, and I hope and pray everything will go just as well as the 1st time, and this will wipe out the cancer for once and all. Lori

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Wishing you and your husband all the best!

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hope everything went well keep us informed of the progress keeping you in my thoughts

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