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Celebrating 9 years cancer free today...

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Lisa Rose
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Brief History
Surgery March 20,2002 - Stage 3c rectal cancer with 10 positive lymph nodes.

So on this beautiful sunny day and the first day of spring I am thrilled to be starting my 10th year in remission.

Just wanted to share my story for anyone just starting this journey - have faith.


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Thank you for sharing, it is always great to hear from long term survivors...I am currently in remission too almost 2.5 yrs (stage 4), it can be done...


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..and congrats. Hugs needed to read this today, I was diagnosed exactly the same, stage 3, 10/11 lymph nodes positive. Waiting on scan results, hope I can be like you, and hit my 2 year mark. Thanks Beth for also sharing 2.5 years is great. :-)))


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This is wonderful news!!!! I am very happy for you. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I appreciate it.

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That is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing that, it is quite the accomplishment. It helps to hear from long term survivors, it helps give me faith that it can be.

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What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate!

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Have a wonderful day LP2!!!

Thanks so much for helping me over the years, you know you are one of the key contributors to the positives in my journey. I think it is so cool that a few of the best friends I have now I met on this site many years ago.

See you in Chicago and cheers my friend!

Love, LP1

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I know that you and Lisa (Scouty) did your alternative cures together back in the day when even less of us were surviving. It's your stories that encourage us, and keep us fighting. Living proof that no matter what stage you are, you can survive! There are more of you out there than i think is realized on this board, since so few come back to tell their tale. Thank you for inspiring us!

Diagnosed stage IIIc August, 2007. Diagnosed stage IV May, 2010 with two recurrences back to back. NED for ten months, and counting!


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What a wonderful thing to do, Graci! It sounds difficult, but it would be an awesome tribute to those who've survived, and to those who didn't. So many have passed away just since i joined in 2007, there were many more who died before then. It would be nice to see some of their old posts.

Many hugs, and good luck with it!


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That's just FABULOUS!!! Keep up the good work!


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What a gift of encouragement and hope you have just given to others! Enjoy your special day, and I, too, am blessed with many special friends I have met on this site.



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Hi Lisa Rose, thank you for your positive post. My husband Dx August 2010, stage 3 10 nodes positive out of 13! He has just finished 8 cycles of xeloda, so happy at the moment, ct 28th march, your story has given us both loads of hope.

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tina dasilva
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It is great to hear your wonderful news!!! Thanks for posting.


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....and I am dancing for the 10 years!!!


Knuffels, Kathi

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I look forward to the day I can say that.

Best Always, mike

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#9 is certainly a good number for you:)

Congratulations on this milestone - must be very liberating to look back at where you were - and where you are now.

I've been fighting constantly 7-years, (Stage IV now) - I'm in the other club - the Long Term Actively Fighting Group. Two different sub-sets from the same community, but equally important to those who are fighting Cancer as they can see the side that has made it and the other side where long-termers are fighting to make it.

Kudos to you!


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That is so inspiring and gives me hope. I have just started my journey and pray I will be posting in 10 years as you are now. You truly have been blessed! Congratulations!


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Hi Lisa,

I havn't ever posted on this site but I have been on here everyday since diagnosis Aug of last year..

I was diagnosed whilst 4 months pregnant with baby number 2 :( I have a 16 month baby also.
Dr thought my cancer was early stage as it was only just T2 but after surgery it was found to be in 11 lymph nodes...I am only 27

But to cut a long story short I wanted to write to you today to say thank you!!! Your story brought me sooo much hope when everything in my life seemed to be doomed!!! Your situation of 10 years cancer free with 10 positive nodes gave me hope that I too maybe around to see my beautiful babies grow up!!! Thats all I want in life and even if I only get 10 more years at least my babies will get to know me..

Thank you for giving me hope!!!!
Thank you for giving me inspiration!!!!!

From Chrissy

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That is wonderful and inspiring. Good for you and a ray of hope for those of us still pursuing an extended period of NED.

Thanks for sharing.


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Congratulations!!! Very inspiring!!! Thanks to everyone for sharing..

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AWSOME! Thanks for sharing...My 27 yr old son was diagnosed one year age 030910 stage 3 rectal ca. Your news gives me hope...
Thank you...!

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Baby Lisa, Congratulations dear friend. So nice to read your good news!

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My husband and I needed to hear your success. Frank, my husband is 3 weeks into stage 3 with 11 nodes positive...so very happy to hear a story of a long term survivor....

Thank you so much for sharing.


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I too am thrilled to see you starting your tenth year. I wish you a long happy and healthy life and to all the others on this board....Hugs .Ron.

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Congrats and thanks for sharing your story. It has been 8 years since my diagnosis of stage 3 also. You story is soooo helpful to those just diagnosed. When I first came to this site in 2003 I wanted to hear stories like yours. Your post will give hope to sooooo many. I am happy that I found this site. You and others have helped me so much over the years.


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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

First I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and best wishes.

Your personal stories meant a great deal to me and I am happy that my story made a difference in your lives. Stay strong ~ keep the faith ~ take it one day at a time.


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Congratulations, fellow "old-timer"! -- Great to see your name/face again, especially with this uplifting, inspiring news. You bring joy and hope to many!


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Hi Lisa Rose.

I am curious if you followed any alternative treatments / diet etc which you think helped you get through and be a long term survivor.

Congratulations and happy to see you here. You are certainly an inspiration.


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I am so happy for you!! Enjoy the sunshine.


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You are an angel...........I needed you today!!! I finished my mop-up chemo on Monday and have been feeling good about it. But there are so many recurrances here its scary. It is so nice to see someone post with a long history of NED after having gone through the pain and agony of this horrible disease. THANK YOU SO MUCH and God Bless. Tom

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Congratulations, very big anniversary for you. Gives hope to all those on this board! Margaret

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Thanks so much for sending this message. I remember you from when I first came to this site.
My husband was diagnosed Jan. 06 stage 3 rectal cancer with 10 nodes positive. He has been cancer free since then. You were always one who gave me hope.

thank you

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I'm very happy for you. And this has made me very happy to hear. I'm still on chemo for liver mets, but hope to hear good news soon. Ct scan due this month. Blessing LOurdes

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congrats on 9 years. over the years you have given me inspiration to fight and beat this
all the best
never.ever give up!!
be well

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That is wonderful news. Congratulations.


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That is wonderful news!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you for sharing your great news - you have heartened me so much. I was diagnosed last July with stage 3, with 3 out of 21 lymph nodes affected. I finished my last chemo cycle last week but can't help but thinking 'What next....?'

Your story has filled me with hope! I feel renewed positive thoughts and am determined not to let this get me down any more!!!
Thanks again


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