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Feeling very nervous, I hate the wait. :-(

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You know I come to my online family when I'm down and need a good kick up the backside.
Had my scan yesterday, firstly I had my hospital gown on wrong. Then it took then 10 minutes to find a vein for the dye, a doctor came in and did it the first time. Had my scan waited outside for 10 minutes, they wanted me to wait so I didn't get a reaction. Doctor came out, and gave me a strange look. I got worried, then a lady in front of me looked at me oddly as well. Doctor came out again looking at me, I looked down and saw I was on show partially chest wise. Can only happen to me.

Anyway my family I have had cold sweats usually before my period, but I had one last night. Maybe I ate an orange at 1am, maybe I had the fan on while asleep. Arghh spit it out (sorry talking to myself). I'm just really worried about the scan not being clear, not hitting the two year mark. I just feel I have been so unlucky over the years, maybe like the terminator it will be back. Also all the stress and depression over the divorce.

Sorry my family I'm rambling and being pathetic, when some of you are going through so much. Just only my online family understands, family and friends in the real world don't.
Lisa42 has her scan on Thursday, and I really shouldn't be moaning.

Hugs to you all

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Don't worry your pretty little head over this:) I know it's easier said then done, but just remember that you are a strong woman and we will be here for you always. You are not pathetic! You have had a lot on your plate these last couple of years and coping can be hard. But that's ok as you mentioned we understand;) Wishing you the best and a clear scan -Melissa

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get a little hug to get your mind off the scan.

just have fun, try and get your mind into a good book or movie.

you'll get the the results and I pray you let out the inner strength you have cope with the result. I will pray its clear.

love Pete

ps one little smile if you can

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the patients? LOL. It use to happen always to me! I see it happens to you as well Sonia! LOL.

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Hi dear Sonia,

I kept you in prayer most all the day yesterday and remembered that your scan should have been happening about noon Calif time. I guess my prayers weren't enough to keep you from baring your chest to the lab technicians, though, lol! I always smile or giggle when I read your posts :)
I can't imagine having to wait as long as you have to and if I had the long wait, I know I'd have to find lots to do to keep my mind occupied. Now's the time to do all you can do-shopping and lunch with friends, drawing, painting, writing, watch some funny DVD's, you name it.

You hang in there & I'll be thinking of you. Yes, I'm getting a bit nervous for my scan Thursday. I go in today for a blood draw & they will draw for CEA again this time.
Depending upon how it comes out, and I should find that out on Thursday, it will give me a better picture of what to expect with the scan results.

Well, hugs to you- we're in this together, but you are definitely in a better place physically than I am. Not that it matters to how nervous you or anyone would get with waiting for those scan results. Remember- what has happened to you over the past couple of years has NOTHING to do with how your scan results will come out. Just because you have had a bad couple of years does not mean you will continue to have bad luck- no way- it's now your time for good things to come!!


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Told my wife this morning, "No news is good news". Hang in there.


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Saying prayers for a clean scan for you. Life can be such a rollercoaster ride and you are due for some great news after all that you have had to deal with. Keep thinking positive..I know it is hard, but positive thoughts and energy go a long way. Sending big hugs to you.


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Sorry I missed that! ;)

At least you figured out what the looks were about. I know the waiting is a pain, but, and this is hard to do, but try not to think about it. We cannot control the outcomes of these things, and it does us no good to give up today's happiness worrying about a tomorrow that we cannot effect.

Smile, enjoy the beauty that is around you and the friends who love you. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

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Go to the local McDonalds and have an INTENTIONAL wardrobe malfunction. Get a good laugh out of the looks on some of the folks faces... that'll take your mind off it :D

Seriously tho... best of luck with the results. The waiting is the hardest part, but you're not waiting alone ;)

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Don't feel bad about rambling,thats ok sometimes.Sometimes we need to do that to get some of the stress out.Don't worry about the scan,I know it is easy to say,but you will be ok.Just hang in there.

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Don't worry about the hospital gown, hey isn't that how new trends get started. You can ramble all you want, we are here to support each other through good and bad times.

Take care,


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You go in with gown on backwards and all the Drs look.........I tried the same thing a year ago and they called the animal warden on me....I tell ya life is just not fair is it? LOL...c'mon sweetheart...its something that is what it is.....we'll smile today and laugh tomorrow...Hows That ????????????...Love ya......all will be well.....the buzz man

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They called me out this last trip to the hospital after a wardrobe malfunction... had made my first stroll down the hospital hallway and was almost back to my room when a kind gentleman informed me that the sheet that was supposed to be covering the backend of my frontend had slipped to the side.

I had walked past numerous nurses, mooning all the way I guess, but I guess they just missed it, or saw it and giggled it to themselves...

Hey, nurses need a good laugh once in awhile too!

Of course, it WAS a bit much when one of the day shift nurses came into my room the next day singing the chorus to CCR "Bad Moon Rising"

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Well, you made me giggle with that one. Not the worry part, just the accidental exposure part. If it makes you feel any better, I once left the house with a pair of jade green underwear attached to velcro on my jacket that I grabbed out of the dryer. I unknowingly chatted up all kinds of people. *L*

Praying you get GREAT results!


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That really got me, Gail! I'm in tears of laughter; the healthiest way to be!

Sonia's experience had me that way, too. If i keep this up, i'm going to bust my mesh innards.


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You should like this one then. One day my husband decided to surprise me and hired gardeners to come and weed my flower bed, mow the lawn and trim the trees. While I was admiring the wonderful surprise he had gotten for me, I discovered on top on the hot tub a pair of my purple (yes, purple)bikini underwear. Apparently one of my dogs decided to carry their "trophy" outside and leave it in the yard. The gardeners found it while mowing and put them up there on the hot tub.
I asked my husband not to surprise me like that again unless he checked the lawn out first. LOL.

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You're right, Marie...i loved that!

It's moments like those that make you realize you're alive. You get that flush of humiliated adrenaline, and you feel it to your very core!

You can always rely on dogs to make those moments shine.

My dog got into the trash one day, and tore up a bunch of used maxi-pads (back in the day when i had to worry about such things). The mess was EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, i came into the house and discovered it while with a guy i had just started dating. Surprisingly, that relationship lasted for four years after that! So now everyone who reads this knows my most embarrassing moment! I need to be careful. I googled my name today and found some posts i made on this board listed there! I'm also listed in a memorial (along with several others from this board) that makes it look like i died of colorectal cancer. Oh well, everyone knows dogs are disgusting creatures, and hopefully the IRS, and any other negative institution got the memorial post. lol!

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You do have me laughing!!!!
Am I on the memorial post? I'd love to anonymously send notice of it to the IRS and get them off my back for 74.00 3 years ago, with fines and interest they want 434.00 now, I made 11,020.00 that year, I didn't realize I had made too much.
Winter Marie

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Marie, google your name and see what comes up. I thought it was really creepy, but that's the sacrifice we make being online!

Yeah, the IRS is definitely a part of our system that needs to be abolished. They're not even really a legal institution, and NOT even a government agency. It's such BS. I could go on and on about it, but i won't.

Let me know if you find anything interesting about yourself on the net!


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Sonia, you are such a trend setter!!!! Or was it a LaToya Jackson moment??? Hmmm??? What did they call that? A wardrobe malfunction?? LMAO
Big sigh, yep the waiting is so hard, as we all can imagine and have experienced. Don't worry about the unlucky streak for goodness sake, it came and it went, honestly, the lucky streak should be starting any minute.
And dear you're not the least bit pathetic, it's wonderful having you on the discussion board, I do enjoy your posts.
Winter Marie

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Sonia, when i feel like crappy crap crap, i go play farmville for a few hours. I know what you're thinking; i must feel like crappy crap crap a lot! lol!

I gotta tell you, stress is a horrible thing. I blame the stress of my divorce for giving me cancer. The stress was so unbearable, and so long term. When i got my two recurrences, it was shortly after having too much stress, again, though it was much less than the divorce stress, the seed had been planted.

I don't let jack crap stress me out anymore. In fact, i recently went on a rollercoaster that spins you around, and drops you straight to the ground, and LOVED IT! I've been debilitatingly acrophobic (scared to death of heights) my entire life, but not ANYMORE! I even went on a ferris wheel that slides down a ramp and swings you back and forth so intensely, you're sure you're going to do a complete flip! The last time i did that, i went into such a panic attack, my friend said i was climbing up the cage, trying to get out! This time it was scary, but i actually enjoyed it.

Don't let fear rule your life. Try to look at each scan you take as information only. No "what if's". Then when the information comes back to you as results, you can deal with it then. No reason to deal with it before you have it. At least that works for me. MRI tomorrow! Yay! A chance to catch up on some radio play, and deep relaxation.


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Sending you prayers and good vibes.

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Hoping your wait will reveal positive news. Stay positive :-)

All the best - Liz

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Hoping your wait will reveal positive news. Stay positive :-)

All the best - Liz

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Will do anything for attention, LOL! I am glad you could share this moment with us; it means you can look at the funny side of an embarrassing situation; I think we have all had those moments.

I have my fingers crossed that you will hear good results. And I do believe good luck is due to come your way. Hey, tomorrow is St. Pat's Day, so may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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Have you heard anything yet???


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I have been taking Steve for daily radiation pain prevention treatments so I missed your post til now- apologies-hope this true story raises a smile:-

When Steve was in the hospital last August, there was a decision for a group meeting consisting of the Hospital Administrator and the assistant, three doctors, one oncologist , the nursing manager and some other so call *chiefs*-twelve in total- we were all queuing in the corridor, waiting to enter Steve's room, but a little nursing aid refused all these people entry- it was her 15 seconds of fame and power ;-) Actually it was about ten minutes and they were all looking at their watches fuming-why? Steve was having his first bowel movement in ten days :-) Nature knows best LOL-Watching these *important people* and their expressions..............

Sorry Steve, waaaaay too funny not to share when Sonia is stressing over her wardrobe!

hugs atcha

Lyndsey-caregiver to Steve Stage IV NSCLC with 7 brain mets.

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Sonia we all have fear of every test;scan; gurgle in our abdomens; you name it but you know that. There is no way to take fear away. As far as your malfunction if that happened to me it would cause mass vomiting:) Best of luck Lou

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