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Got diagnosed 1 weekago with endometrial adenocarcinoma, endometriod type, FIGO rating 1/111. What does FIGO1/111 mean

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Got diagnosed one week ago with endometrial adenocarcinoma, endometrioid type FIGO rating 1/111. Will see oncologist in one week. Can anybody please tell me what does FIGO 1/111 mean?

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Sorry about your diagnosis. I am not sure what FIGO rating is but I was also diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma. I was staged at Grade 2, Stage ii/iii back in Sept of 2005.

Did you have a hysterectomy? How did they determine your diagnosis?

Prayers to you.


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Hi, Hope you are feeling ok considering what is happening for you. If you want to find out more about FIGO just explore the cancer.org box at the left side of this page. The top heading is 'Cancer Information'. It will bring up a list of all the different cancers including endometrial with information about how FIGO staging is classified.

All the best with your oncologist visit. You can ask them to write things down for you. I have an unreliable memory and my gyn/onc understands. She will always write down things I do not fully understand so I can take it away and research further myself. Most importantly though ask questions. The doctor is there because you are his/her patient. Without patients they have no profession. We have the right to know what is happening to our bodies and it is their responsibility to inform us. Take good care of yourself. This network is a wonderful resource and support to start with.

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I found this info for you. Good luck with everything. Mary Ann

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From what I have read online and using the numbers you have provided 1/111. I would say it means you have stage 1 grade 3 cancer.

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FIGO is a grading system as defined by the International Federation of Gynecologists and Oncologists (FIGO).

A little excerpt found here in the Cancer Information section:

The grade of an endometrioid cancer is based on how much the cancer forms glands that look similar to the glands found in normal, healthy endometrium. In lower-grade cancers, more of the cancerous tissue forms glands. In higher-grade cancers, more of the cancer cells are arranged in a haphazard or disorganized way and do not form glands.

• Grade 1 tumors have 95% or more of the cancerous tissue forming glands.
• • Grade 2 tumors have between 50% and 94% of the cancerous tissue forming glands.
• • Grade 3 tumors have less than half of the cancerous tissue forming glands. Grade 3 cancers are called "high-grade." They tend to be aggressive and have a poorer outlook than low grade cancers (grades 1 and 2).

In a grade 1/111 that would be some of the cells were a grade 1 and some were a grade 3.

Staging determines how invasive the cancer was based on pathology reports from the surgical specimens removed during surgery. i.e. Stage 1A or Stage 3B, etc.

Hope this helps.


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