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Could Hair Loss at 20 Signal Higher Prostate Cancer Risk?

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Well I am not sure about this one since most guys I know with PCa have a full set of hair...but then again anything is possible... http://www.pcf.org/site/c.leJRIROrEpH/b.6575059/k.5EE4/Could_Hair_Loss_at_20_Signal_Higher_Prostate_Cancer_Risk.htm

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I fall into both of the last two reports, balding by 18 and the Ring Finger longer than the Index Finger.

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Why you were such a good bowler!!!!


hopeful and opt...
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....I have it cut every month or so....and I am out of my mind

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Once you got what you got----statistics go out the window----------------so much for all those tomatoes I ate growing up(Italian)----so much for never being overweight------so much for never smoking-------------get my drift!

Statistics are mis-leading-- cause way to much worry---- and are only statistics.

But I will say this, if you are living a healthy life---your chances are better when you actually do get diagnosed with something.

I say all this not to offend, only to iterate that after going through what I did, and what I continue to be challenged with, statistics just tick me off.


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I hear you. I do think, however, that if the stats help encourage one more man to check out his situation and become aware of his condition, then perhaps they were worth it.

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